£1.50 For A Small Bottle Of Coke?!?



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I Went to A Spar Shop today And A 500ml Bottle Of Coke Was £1.50?! WTF!!! i Didnt Buy it Mind Cause that was Such a Rip Of! What Do you Guys Think About it?

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    James 2017-05-08

    If you are out Coke don't think you can carry a big bottle and they don't give you the choice as most lunch stands only stock 500ml. They'd rather three people buy individual bottles than share a 1.5L bottle.you are paying for the convenience of the size of the bottle, robbing shids

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    Addison 2017-05-25

    sorry dude no idea regarding scotlandContact coke and they should be able to help you

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    Aria 2017-06-19

    Yes Coca Cola is way more expensive than it was years ago. It is a shame that a 12 pk of Coke is almost as much as a 12 pk of beer. I love Coke but because of the constant rise in prices I am weening myself off of it.used to be real cheap its rubbish now, i never buy it

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    Skylar 2017-07-08

    Because its convenient to buy it at the counter of a checkout and its already nice and cold so they jack the prices up. It's all a scam!!packaging, the crap inside is not significant, just find a gallon jug of water and keep it refilled with tap water, then buy juice add 12% at a time it will be the percent breakdown in all drinks and or buy club soda add juice to it,. screw sugar man you dont need it!

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    David 2017-05-28

    Go for the 2L. Much cheaperyeah, if that's all the money you got. you must not spend money alot. what else can you buy for a dollar. hollar.

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    Carter 2017-06-01

    havent a clue but it sounds cheapHalf Bottle? How many ML are you talking about?

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    Ellie 2017-05-26

    If they make them that big, in a supermarket.I'm pretty sure they sell them at Sam's or Costco's(if you have one where you live) They use to sell them at Wal-mart....but I don't think they do anymore. They might not even make 3lt cokes at all anymore. O.o

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    Riley 2017-05-15

    Depends. At a Albertsons or Walgreens it will set you back about 6 USD plus tax. At Costco you can get them for like 3 dollars.

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    Eli 2017-07-11

    because someone is dumb enough to pay it.Because folks will pay those amounts. Has nothing to do with the cost of the ingredients.