[Coffee drinkers] - What makes a flat white, a flat white?



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Ok, here's the deal. From my understanding a flat white is like a cappuccino, but without the froth/chocolate powder etc. I've started drinking coffee at this new place and every time I ask for a flat white, the drink I receive has froth on top. Is my definition of flat white wrong, or are these baristas...

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    Lucy 2017-05-06

    I work in a tearoom, A white Americano is a shot of coffee with water and cold milk. A Latte is Hot frothy milk served around 80 degrees to kill any bacteria in the milk then with a shot of coffee on top. Some people will chose to add a syrup in before the milk is put in.A latte is a drink with a small amount of espresso (typically 1-3 shots), mostly steamed milk (typically 8-18 ounces), and a small portion of steamed milk foam on top. . A Americano is essentially watered down espresso. It's 2-4 shots of espresso and hot water. You can sweeten and dairy it up like a cup of coffee. Hope this helps!

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    Nora 2017-06-14

    I traveled to Australia and NZ over Winter Break this year, and thought about that question myself. I asked my Australian cousins and some Kiwis but none of them new why either. It's kind of an understood thing, just as many things are different in those two places as I found out on my travels. The only thing that they could figure is that a flat white is called such a name because it is frothy on top making a white color and is flat because that sort is used without wipped cream. A short/long black is because expressos are black and you can get them in two different sizes. Really, it does make sense when you think about it, but why? It truely is a mystery that one cannot explain!

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    Liam 2017-07-03

    I roast my own beans and have seven ways to brew coffee. I like them all, but my favorite is vacuum brewed in my Cafetino.Sumatra Roast with a tiny heavy cream and half spoon full of sugar. or Sumatra Roast iced with a splash of blueberry syrup. Peets and Tully's are my favorite brands.

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    Skylar 2017-06-12

    I think they all have the same amount of espresso though

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    Matthew 2017-05-16

    You listed them strongest to weakest. Capp has some espresso - rocket heat White has white chocolate with coffee - mellow speed Latte is coffee with milk - yum but smoothAre you kidding me? These sound like colors on a paint sample card...

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    Isabella 2017-06-18

    A latte with no froth is basically acafe au lait. Some make them with coffee, others with espresso and steamed milk. I love them.

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    Mia 2017-06-04

    a latte is simply espresso and steamed, but not frothed, milk

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    Isabella 2017-05-30

    some have no milk some have alot of milk and some are hot and some are not hehe i like cappuccino for hot and frappucino for cold

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    Layla 2017-06-24

    there different words goofy