Can you put seran wrap in the microwave?



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will it melt or something?

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    Mia 2017-06-01

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Tai Pei microwave meals PLASTIC WRAP? Now that I've taken the plastic wrap off of the container, I see that it says DO NOT take plastic wrap off of container before heating... So now what? Is it no good? Or will it just cook differently? I used to make these all the time and always took the plastic wrap off, and I don't...

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    Owen 2017-05-23

    Yeah, so with microwave food just cover with plastic wrap. I guess that's simply the way thing are

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    Owen 2017-05-21

    You should take out the plastic wrapper-those people above are right-they could explode! But,based on my experience,I would put it in a oven.(If you mean the frozen diners are pizzas etc)The result of the food is not as good if you put it in a microwave rather than an oven. A little tip:When I put my pizzas in my microwave,(I don't have an oven)the crust of the pizza will get stuck on the plate.So I yearn for an oven...T.TIf you're talking about a frozen dinner, with the plastic covering, you need to ventilate the plastic. If you didn't, the heat would have to where to escape and it could explode. As far as melting food in plastic (such as a Ziploc bag), the plastic could melt, and perhaps burn and start a fire. And that would not be good!

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    Aria 2017-05-15

    Its bad to microwave your food with plastic, it can put toxic crap in your food that can cause cancer. You should just use a glass dish or there are special plastics that are just fine.You can cover your food with another plate or bowl. I have a plastic microwave cover. I don't use plastic wrap.

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    Ella 2017-06-13

    I use a tupperware cake dish lid Or put a blanket over the microwaveno on the plastic wrap it will melt onto the food, I would use a paper towel.