Can you really get refills from Starbucks for 50 cents? How do I do that?



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Yeah I know it's just for the regular coffee...but what do I need? A special mug or something?

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    Aubrey 2017-06-05

    You can't get refills on any of the "special" drinks...only regular coffee, and water/soft drinks usually.i think it's just water in a cup.

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    Charlotte 2017-05-10

    A latte is about one third espresso and 2/3 steamed milk, with a bit of foam on top. You CAN put whipped cream on top, but it is not needed. Espresso is made different than coffee, a small amount of water is used, and pressure is used to force it through the grounds. It's a bit thicker than coffee, and it is usually a shot size. (1 oz) Go ahead and try the latte. They don't come with sugar, I always add my own :) But lattes are always way more expensive than just a regular coffee, so I don't get them often, only as a treat.

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    Ella 2017-05-30

    I believe it's regularThats a good question...i think its stupid if they don't give you some discount...even most gas stations do that!!! but theyre doing this earth day thing where they give you a free coffee/tee if you bring a reusable cup on 4/22

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    Michael 2017-05-12

    I think you can get one free and then the rest are paid.

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    Ava 2017-06-19

    email; me and will tell you things that you will never go there again dutchman1947

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    Ava 2017-06-15

    yahoo.comyup and youll save $ too and help the environment

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    Alexander 2017-05-10

    Yes. I believe they'll give you a slight discount on the price of the cup as well.yep