Can you recommend a juicer that's easy to use and clean?



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Would even go for a manual one, I guess! Main thing is that it doesn't have 12,000 parts.

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    Lincoln 2017-06-16

    Roncos is about the easiest,, come with a removable juice tray etc.If your Juicer is the inclosed type with a cover, pour a bit of baking soda and water in it, run the unit for a minute or two and then rinse it out.

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    Riley 2017-05-27

    Hey well i would go to target ... i used to work there and i never heard problems with the juicers there .... they are really good ... one of them for 64.99 seperates everything so you just dump it when your done .... and its by emerson .... hope this helpsIt's hard to go past the Oscar Vitalmax 900 juicer,

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    Hannah 2017-07-18

    10.asp... . It uses cold press technology so you get every last drop out of your fruits and veggies, but doesn't heat the juice or damage the enzymes and nutrients, as can sometimes happen with conventional juicers. You'll also notice the quality and taste of the juice right away. It's incredibly easy to clean. The whole front part of the juicer detaches from the motor. Then you just rinse each part in water and drip dry. The pulp comes out during the juicing process into a separate container, so you don't need to scoop it out and scrape it off the juicer :-) You do have to chop up your fruits and veggies first. But the rest of the process is super easy and quick.

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    Mason 2017-06-26

    A Jack Delane. They are not cheap but are absolutely great, very hard wearing,reliable and totally efficient. Easy to clean also. Happy Juicinga jack lelan.they are excellent.but a bit pricey.

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    Jacob 2017-06-22

    Champion juicer is the best yet it can juice like the juicer him self!!! 9 idk i just making no sense!)We have a Jack LaLanne Juicer. It is awesome! You can put whole fruits and veggies in it without cutting them up! It is easy to clean, fast and really works well.