Can you recommend me any filling and tasty foods?



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I have a ginormous appetite for my size and my mom really gets mad at me for how much I eat. I can't help that I am constantly hungry like my dad but she doesn't see it that way. Do you recommend any tasty and filling foods that won't leave me hungry, and that will fill me up quickly?

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    Elizabeth 2017-07-15

    proteintry eating rice based meals... thats what i eat and i have found that i dont snack at all and only get hungry every 4 hours or longer.

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    Lincoln 2017-07-12

    Maybe you have a small stomach or good eating habits . If you're a girl that's usually where the fat goes to. It's genetics as well.

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    Amelia 2017-06-12

    growth spurts are the usual cause of hunger. Pre occupy ur mind so u dont think of food. Go for a run that will remove ur want to eatI think it is hormones or near periods, this is where the hunger comes.

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    Ava 2017-05-20

    Well, My Friend Wants To Eat Constantly And she's not fat or over-weight. Everybody jokes around saying she has atapeworm. but she doesnt. Honestly I dont Know really. Maybe you dont get enough food per meal that you should.Drink alot of water. Anytime you are hungry just have a drink of water. Also sugarless gum is very good same as mints so that you wont be as hungry.