Can you recycle baby food jars ? And drinking glasses with cracks in them?



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    Julian 2017-06-26

    Yes, but not all recylers take everything. Call and ask, give them the number on the bottom of the cup.Glassware is generally not recycled in single stream, or glass recycling bins, due to it's molecular composition. Generally, beverage and food bottles of different colors are accepted. It can be recycled into mosaics and similar art or furniture. "Q. Can other types of glass be recycled? What about glass that does not meet industry standards?" "A. Other forms of glass, such as heat-resistant ovenware, crystal, light bulbs, plate glass,, etc. are manufactured using different processes and compositions. It these are introduced they can cause production problems and defective containers."

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    Ryan 2017-05-19

    yupyou can use a china bottle instead