Constipation? Anyone have the answers?



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To be frank, that's what it has to be. I'm only eighteen...but it's been this way forever, it's not just recently - I can't go! I'll go about every three weeks, give or take (it can sometimes be one to two, or even four or more), and I'm not over-exaggerating. I've been to a... Lol, go to the doctor's that haven't helped me the last three times?

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    Aiden 2017-06-14

    I think you should fight your fear and get a doctor's advice - infrequent bowel function (that's what constipation is) leads to autointoxication from the intestine. For now though, take an enema ASAPhey buddy, if you wanna crap, eat bran... bran muffins, or even a bran powerder or cereal. Stay away from banana's. google it

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    Hannah 2017-06-27

    A warm tap water enema will give you relief in 15 minutes or so. Give it a try. Good luck.

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    Gabriel 2017-05-19

    If you were prescribed a laxative it may help you to clear out to start with - there is no need to go on taking them once they have done the trick. You don't say what you changed your diet to, but you clearly need more roughage. These foods are good: Lots of cauliflower, broccoli, plums, black currants if you can get them, whole grain unsweetened cereals, wholemeal bread. Have some prunes for breakfast, either with or before your cereal. Get some powdered linseed, from either Tesco or a health food shop and put a good tablespoonful on your cereal - make sure it is soaked before you eat it. It isn't all that nice but you get used to it and it does work. If you can only find the whole seeds you can powder them in the liquidiser. But really if you've gone a whole week I think a natural laxative such as senna would give you a good start. Your local health food shop will sell it. Better than drugs anyway. Also are you getting enough exercise? I find a day's heavy gardening works wonders!Only certain types of laxatives are addictive. Try a natural constipation remedy to start. A probiotic supplement will help you restore the beneficial bacteria into your stomach. This is a crucial part of constipation relief that doctor's overlook. I had a friend who was constipated that started taking probiotics and was regular in a few days. When you give your body probiotics, they fight harmful bacteria in your system and help your body go to the bathroom.

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    Owen 2017-06-08

    Try different foods to soften things up or get things moving. Bran or coffee can work, other than that try to go fairly often even if you don't feel you can.Try sky diving! It frightened the sh*t out of me!

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    Carter 2017-07-08

    You watch a lot of tvdrink milk or water

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    Zoey 2017-06-04

    eat less fatty foods, eat more fruits and drink more water. also coffee works great! try that and see if it saves you time and money!The amazing thing about me is that I've never been constipated. Ever. So good luck! I'm just answering this question to gloat, teehee.

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    Zoey 2017-05-07

    Call your doctor, he can schedule you for an enema and that will take care of can try to do an enema yourself, they sell the kits at your local grocery storefruit plums are the best

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    Oliver 2017-07-08

    daily serving of prunes & a self enema should do the trick. if you still have issues, i recommend seeing a professional physician to find out if there's something serious going on. good luck!

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    Oliver 2017-06-24

    the waste stayed in your system unti you was able to release it ..

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    Aubrey 2017-07-09

    That diet is ****** up. Est some vitamins and fibre pills to go with it.No. That is not normal. You are supposed to poop once a day.