Constipation? Causes?



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I noticed i got constipated about 2 wks ago, it only lasted for an hour and i was fine. Well 4 days i was constipated again, i was able to use the bathroom in about an hour and a half. I haven't been constipated in a long time, i want to say maybe 2-3 yrs. I have totally changed my lifestyle since then,... The first time and this time didn't feel uncomfortable, i wasn't in any pain or discomfort. 4 days it was a little bad, i felt uncomfortable and had cramps in my rectum just before i had successfully used the bathroom. These recent cases are mild constipation. They used to be worse when i was younger, i would feel uncomfortable.

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    Isabella 2017-05-08

    OK if that anytime the pain gets too bad go to emergency or the doctor Ok STOP the fiber regardless. It aggravates situations like stomach pain. Review ANY and all changes in food or drink the last couple of weeks. Whatever changed if anything STOP! Then get yourself a good clean out laxative or eat a food that makes you go. I use Maalox advanced. It has to get right through you. You might try a colonic but that won't get the small intestine. If it persists GO TO THE DOCTOR. I have had problems like yours in the past so this advice is not random.You have probably gave yourself IBS. It doesn't sound like impaction at all so I don't know what the other answers were talking about. Just keep eating normally and drink enough. If it is still like this in a week then ask a doctor. It depends what you mean by diarreah do you mean loose or looser stools or are you talking watery? If it is watery you should see a doctor if it has been a few days. You don't want to risk dehydration etc. What is scary about an enema? Anyway. Please try to calm down, people get bowel issues all the time. People get constipated for over an entire week and do not have impactions and most certainly do not need surgery. If you want to calm yourself down then you could google for people with your symptoms and not pay attention to the treatments for it but to just how many people it happens to. Searching this site alone would bring up hundreds of people who are in the same position and I bet none of them died.

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    Mia 2017-05-15

    The fiber suggestion was the best, but you probably aren't getting enough yet. Try some psyllium capsules. Start with two before bed with a big glass of water. Then go up to three capsules. This should work in a matter of days. It did for me.How much water are you actually drinking? You need about half your body weight in fluid ounces. For example, a 120 lb person would need to consume about 60 fl oz a day of water. Try to measure how much water you're drinking a day. Carry around one of those big plastic water bottles, they typically say how much the bottle can hold so you can see how much you're drinking and make sure you're staying hydrated at the same time. Do you eat your fruits and veggies daily? Try to get at least 5 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruit. 1 apple or 1 cup of leafy greens constitutes a serving. Also, cut back on your meat intake and replace it with plant protein. Legumes (beans) are perfect because they are high in protein, high in fiber***, low in fat and chock full of vitamins and minerals. Also, try eating Fiber Plus bars. They're like FiberOne only they taste a million times better. I eat them not because I need to but because they taste so darn good. I also pay for it afterwards lol. But it's worth it. Hope I helped :) Good luck!

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    Madison 2017-06-04

    every body is different and what is right for me may not be right for you. I go every day - my wife every 3-4. if you are eating right, getting enough fiber and drinking 4-5 glasses of water a day - stop worrying about it.

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    Jaxon 2017-06-09

    Just go to the chemist and ask them for the most effective over the counter medicine/laxative. Tell them about your condition. I am sure it will save you. If not, you must escalate to see a doctor. Good luck!Take a gentle laxative like Senokot..... it should do the trick... if not, see your doctor. Try eating a lot of roughage, it should keep you regular...

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    Ryan 2017-06-30

    Don't take Senokot - it's a stimulant-irritant, likely to cause abdominal pain and take a long time to work. Really you should take an enema if you literally haven't done s.h.i.t for 5 days - at least that'll work in 5-10 minutes!Tell your parents. Drink warm water. Try eating some spinach and drinking some prune juice. But do tell your parents.

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    Chloe 2017-05-31

    You should go every day. Fibre will only fill you with gas if you are too constipated, take a mild laxative or take senocott before bedtime and you should go in the morning, half/one does me but my mother can take 2 before she goes. massage your stomach with oil or cream, preferably at the left hand side which should help or sit in a bath with the water as hot as you can bear it and it should help.Try eating fiber first. Laxatives should be used as a last resort. If fiber doesn't work try a stool softener. if that doesn't work then try a laxative.

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    Alexander 2017-06-21

    A warm tap water enema will give you relief in 15 minutes or so. Give it a try. Good luck.I think you should fight your fear and get a doctor's advice - infrequent bowel function (that's what constipation is) leads to autointoxication from the intestine. For now though, take an enema ASAP

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    Abigail 2017-05-23

    hey buddy, if you wanna crap, eat bran... bran muffins, or even a bran powerder or cereal. Stay away from banana's. google it

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    Liam 2017-06-22

    1) If you don't workout, then workout - it helps with bowel movements. You might have a weak large intestine. 2) Eat fiber and drink enough water - the reason people get constipated is because there isn't enough water in the (for lack of a better word [not really]) poop so you can't go to the bathroom. Picture fiber as a magnet, attracting the water trying to keep it in so you can let it out if you know what I'm saying. 3) Never hold it if you can help it - the longer you hold off going to the bathroom, the more water that is absorbed from the fiber in your poop - the harder it is to go.