Contact lenses help please?



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I don't want glasses so I want contact lenses, but I can't afford to keep paying every month so is there any way at all to get some where you just pay straight up for 'permanent' contacts and that's it and the only thing I would have to buy again is the soloution. Thanks. P.S. I live in London

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    Olivia 2017-07-11

    its like glasses but in your eye.

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    Jackson 2017-06-17

    google itlol "google it" yes like glasses in your eyes, they can be hard ones of soft ones and u have to clean them really well and if u have them and get things in u eye, its hurt a lot :(

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    Lucy 2017-05-01

    no...go with the online deal...unless you have astigmatism. I used to work at an eye wouldn't beleive the markup they get. 900contacts used to call us to get the scrips and we would just hang up on them. look at the side of your contacts box, the scrip is right there...if your doc office won't give it out. You will save a lot of money

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    Jackson 2017-06-15

    1800- Contact can get you any brand at a good cost. i wear actuive oasisA six month supply costs me around 38 dollars. I have the kind you replace every month.

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    Ellie 2017-05-04

    Contacts are a lot better than glasses. You won't get an infection as long as you change the solution everyday. I've worn contacts for a couple of years. You shouldn't have any problems if you do that. (:I'm an eye glass type of gal. I have my fake glasses and I have my real eyeglasses that I love so much. I also wear contact lenses. I look way better in my glasses. It just suits me and everything. Matter of preference and how comfortable you are with and without contacts or glasses. Most people would go with contacts.

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    Sophia 2017-06-07

    You can't. I had the same problem. Either have glasses or have laser eye surgery. You can't change your prescription of your eyes in the flick of the switch. Alternatively, if you think that your doctor is a complete lunatic, and you want to get contacts, and you do know your prescription, then go to Which can independantly supply you with contact lenses. But if your doctor did say not too, its best to do what he says (he is the professional in the end) Good luck anyhow!

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    Emma 2017-05-16

    Of course, you could buy your new glasses any where as you pleaseYes, definitely. It's like any prescription. Shop around for better prices.

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    Ethan 2017-05-22

    yes if you have the prescription you can purchase them where ever you want, i do it all the time and yes ther are colored pres. your cheapest way to go is to purchase the ones that are not disposable. get the ones that last like forever, then you do not need a eye exam every year. sheriYou can buy them from anywhere, but any reputible company will want to contact where you got your prescription from and make sure the prescription is correct and make sure your doctor approves of you wearing contacts. Also, I'd say 40% of contact wearers are using colored contacts.

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    Oliver 2017-05-29

    I wore contacts for years. I started with hard lenses because that was all you could get then. Then I went with gas perms. I never tried soft lens, or disposables. I went back to glasses when I began to need a bifocal. I tried bifocal contacts but couldn't get used to them. You have to be really committed to wear contacts. They are pretty high maintenance and my eyes got tired after having them in all day. You also have to buy cleaning and wetting solutions, and keep them scrupulously clean in order to prevent eye infections. They are fun. I had a pair of bright azure blue lenses. This was before colored lenses were that well known. People were amazed at my eye color. Hard lenses and gas perms last practically forever or until your lens prescription changes. They are harder to get used to than soft lenses and you have to build up your wearing time. Cost depends on what kind of lenses you get, but they are generally about the same as a good pair of glasses. They are fun to have as an adjunct to your glasses.

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    Layla 2017-06-29

    I wear soft, monthly disposables. I use to wear fortnightly but I found them too drying and they weren't ideal for when I am doing my sports, so now I wear monthlies which r fab. U will need to go to a registered opticicans and ask for a contact lens trial test. They will test your eyes for the ideal lenses to suit you. Then ul be asked to maybe go for a walk around for a while to see how they suit you. Bare in mind you may not like them as most people find it hard to put things in their eyes but u get used to it. I swear by contacts, hope this answer helps u.Start with visit to your opticians, or high-street eye testers, get them to provide your 'lens prescription' - it's slightly different to your glasses, and they will check that you can wear them ok. They should also go through putting them in an out.... When you have done that initial stage and you know your prescription then you can check out the Internet shops for cheaper deals etc... .however they are not going to be cheap... expect to pay around £20 a month for daily disposables. The price will not change a whole lot for the different lenses, daily, weekly, monthly... all in all will cost around the same amount....maybe a little more for the dailies for the extra convenience.