Contacts help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?



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My mom won't let me get contacts lenses, but I REALLY need them because i do gymnastics and can't possibly tumble with them on. my glasses are constantly loosining and it costs so much to get them repaired. When i am vaulting, i can't see my coaches signal when she's ready, so then i get in trouble... I am 13, i can't get much of a job, how much do contacts cost?

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    Ella 2017-05-23

    i heard there was a guy that put a contact lense in his eye but the eye bobbed down below his finger, so his finger went into the back of his eye socket where his optic nerve was and cut it with his fingernail, and blinded himself permanently. i think its on youtube actually. hahahahaha

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    Wyatt 2017-06-26

    Yes, you can. My husband did that for years, before he got Lasik surgery. Good luck! :o)once you get the exam done. you can go to anyplace to have them done. its just like a medicine prescription. you can take it to anyplace.many are combined to get you to buy from them. you can take the script to anyplace that sells them.

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    Brooklyn 2017-07-08

    You can't. I had the same problem. Either have glasses or have laser eye surgery. You can't change your prescription of your eyes in the flick of the switch. Alternatively, if you think that your doctor is a complete lunatic, and you want to get contacts, and you do know your prescription, then go to Which can independantly supply you with contact lenses. But if your doctor did say not too, its best to do what he says (he is the professional in the end) Good luck anyhow!

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    Jayden 2017-06-29

    The biggest problem with wearing contacts (other than the obvious part of hygeine) is getting dust in them. It seriously feels like a boulder in your eye. If it would happen while she was playing, the best that she could do would be to close the affected eye and keep going, but it stings and your eye waters like crazy. I think she'd be better off with glasses. Ask your optometrist for his/her opinion.I would ask yourself if she's responsible enough to handle having and wearing them first. Safety over vanity is more important! If you're still having to remind her to brush her teeth or wash her face, I would say she's not ready for the responsibility and care required of wearing contacts.

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    Lincoln 2017-06-19

    Start with visit to your opticians, or high-street eye testers, get them to provide your 'lens prescription' - it's slightly different to your glasses, and they will check that you can wear them ok. They should also go through putting them in an out.... When you have done that initial stage and you know your prescription then you can check out the Internet shops for cheaper deals etc... .however they are not going to be cheap... expect to pay around £20 a month for daily disposables. The price will not change a whole lot for the different lenses, daily, weekly, monthly... all in all will cost around the same amount....maybe a little more for the dailies for the extra convenience.I wear soft, monthly disposables. I use to wear fortnightly but I found them too drying and they weren't ideal for when I am doing my sports, so now I wear monthlies which r fab. U will need to go to a registered opticicans and ask for a contact lens trial test. They will test your eyes for the ideal lenses to suit you. Then ul be asked to maybe go for a walk around for a while to see how they suit you. Bare in mind you may not like them as most people find it hard to put things in their eyes but u get used to it. I swear by contacts, hope this answer helps u.

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    Daniel 2017-07-18

    i wear contacts and now im blind and i cant even see where my hands are if i touch my face. and i cant talk either becasue im muteIf they made you blind do you really think that they would still be sold to the public? Also you have the grammatical skill of a 4 year old. Actually, you might 4. Your a stupid bastard though.