Contaminated urine? 3 times?



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i've been suffering from a uti for the past 3 weeks, and the last time i was at the gyno they took a urine sample to make sure it went away, it came back that it was contaminated , this is the 3rd time now, they said i would have to get a catheter sample done at my regular family doctor, what would cause my...

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    Emily 2017-06-04

    drink water and cranberry juice.I'm worried about your iq. Take an iq test once a month. This is what i should do to you one day:

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    Levi 2017-06-26

    if she gave them the ok to test for drugs, then they will.

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    Jackson 2017-05-03

    You can't. There is a new technology available that detects whether the urine has been out of the body for a long period of time (they check temperature and chemical content). Your screwed buddy. I think they are working on detecting whether or not the urine belongs to you in the first place. I heard the technology is available but its not cost effective. So for your sake (and ours if you work a gov. job or something that effects society, like a school bus driver) take your own advice. Stop using.since the body metabolizes everything by adding anything after the fact the test wouldn't come out right. and they would know that you were messing with the test and really screw things up.

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    Avery 2017-06-24

    So suffer with the pain of a bladder infection instead.No matter what shows up in the urine test the doctor is not compelled to inform authorities. There are new laws in place that significantly increase doctor patient confidentiality. Go ahead and see your doctor without worrying.

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    Wyatt 2017-07-10

    When you do a urine test, you check a thing called specific gravity. In a nutshell, that tells you how "thick" the urine is. The higher the specific gravity, the more concentrated the urine is. The upshot of it all is that you need to have it less concentrated, and that means you need to drink more liquids.There is more to dehydration than concentrated urine. And even after you start drinking more water.. your urine concentration may lessen but you still show other signs.

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    Nora 2017-07-09

    No.... Not in hospitals or anything. They'd simply ask you to go to the bathroom and do it in your own time. But no, they wouldnt.

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    Zoey 2017-07-07

    kidney problems from diabetes? Avoid sugar.Heal Kidney Disease Forever :

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    Nora 2017-05-06

    When pregnant I don't think you vomit for 3 days at the outset.

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    Ava 2017-07-16

    Call them and ask what is acceptable to bring it in. It probably needs to be sterilized though. they might have you come get one.Whiz in a clean jar and put the lid on. That is adequate. Bring it in a brown paper bag so no one else can see it if you are shy about it. No one can diagnose this for you on the net. See what the doc says...

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    Jayden 2017-05-25

    depends on your weight since THC is stored in the fat cells. Lots of water and lots of running