Does anyone have a spicy hot pot recipe similar to a pre-made mix?



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Everyone recommends a good, plain soup base for a hot pot, but I'm used to the packaged version, a spicy mix with lots of spices. Does anyone have a recipe for this style of hot pot broth? Alternatively, does anyone know where I can get the mixes? I can't find them anywhere! Thanks in advance.

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    Layla 2017-05-21

    to make it taste like that you need to put in lots of salt and e numbers and a lot of chemicals your is a lot healthier without them look on the label on the can you will seeno. i don't have a recipe. but go here: they have everything

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    Harper 2017-07-08

    Sounds like Tandoori.Was it a dhansak? It usually is more tomato based and contains pineapples. If not, would it be bhuna? That would be spicier though, so perhaps not.