How can I get my heart rate up? =}?



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I'm 14 years old 5'9 9.2 stone (130 pounds) =} I do a workout dvd for 20 minutes a day (It's a toning one) and then Hula Hoop for 4 Hours a day. Walk the Dog for an hour Ride for an hour (Wednesdays) Swim for an Hour (Monday and Friday) How can i get my heart rate up, so i lose... I'm Homeschooled and I walk the Dog in the Morning, Ride in the Morning and Hula hoop in the evening x

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    Benjamin 2017-07-17

    the only problem with the jump rope is that you'll get tired faster and less likely to go on an hour. as for myself, i find the elliptical an easy effective cardio work out. i can be on there for an hour or more because although i am working out my legs and arms, i still don't find myself out of breath to the point where i need to stop.I really think the spin bike is the best for weight lost. you burn a lot of calories, I work out on the elliptical to iam alot more exhausted from the bike. and notice my weight stays down more from the bike.

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    Nathan 2017-07-09

    I agree with Mike - Skipping far exceeds any of the other forms of cardio. The reason for this is because it uses a lot more of the body to perform the action. You have to propel your body into the air to jump the rope, whilst using your arms to keep the rope moving. Jogging always keeps one foot on the ground so technically it is propelling half your bodyweight compared to skipping. Elliptical cross trainers keep both feet on the ground so you're not working as hard to move the body. Recumbent bike - your sitting down! Its only your legs being used for this one.The elliptical i think would be best as far as fat burn, as for cardiovasulcar? I think the jumping or the jogging. But honestly, if your goal is to burn fat, start power walking uphill on the treadmill. If you want good cardio, try circuit training for faster results.

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    Oliver 2017-06-11

    true.A heart rate that gets that high from just running is a dangerous thing. I would recommend to just slow it down a bit. Maybe instead of going on the treadmill and running a ton, you could start with walking. Once you train your body to handle those conditions, you should see improvements! Best of luck!

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    Madison 2017-06-07

    sonds goood, maybe some more cardio like swimming :)bump up the running a bit and u can eat a bit more...

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    Chloe 2017-05-18

    fresh herbs can really zing up a healthy meal try growing some in the kitchen using a strawberry pot preserve the flavor by adding fresh herbs at the end of the cooking processincrease calorie burning IE more intensive cardio

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    Ellie 2017-07-01

    Sounds like an okay plan. Eat less, but eat much healthier. Without the nutrition, the workout is's very good for weight loss. Keep it up! (:

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    Scarlett 2017-06-08

    I personally don't like the walk/jog style. I find that it actually doesn't give as much benifits. Try maybe walking for a bit to warm up, then go jogging for maybe 20+ min (try to set a distance goal, its usually easier. Then do your cool down. This style has really built my stamina back up. I haven't ran in over a year and in 2 weeks I'm almost up to the speed and stamina I had in the Army.Yes,

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    Aubrey 2017-06-06

    Yes its perfectly normal........That's a very good heartrate.

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    Chloe 2017-05-24

    well, i'd assume that this shows your heart is healthy and storng enough to pump enough blood to satify your body without pumping in have a healthy heart lolIt definately proves you have a strong heart, it's not bad unless your pulse rate is extremely low like 30 bpm, but then again I know some long distance runners with pulses only slightly over that... keep up the great work

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    Elizabeth 2017-06-15

    to burn fat, you need to get a heart contraction... to do that you need to breathe during your running and oxygenate your body... the longer you workout at a higher heart rate, the more fat you burn during AND after. it depends how old you are too. you dont want a maximum heart rate for 30 minutes, work out at 75% of your max heart rate. a loose calculation of this if your not getting too serious about it is taking 220 and subtracting your age... but, yes, you do need a higher rate if you want to burn any type of fat... but do not go overboard.... let your body tell you that its had enough.oh man, that is really bad, especially for someone your age, for a 10 year a fat burnering target rate is 138, and you are teen with only 60, man, people in their 60s and 70s, suppose to have higher target rates than that.