How can I get my iron level up?



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My iron level is TERRIBLE. Everyday I struggle with staying awake in class. I am female, 16, 5'2-5'3 about 160 lbs. I don't really excerise that often, thought i do try to work out every blue moon. I have a regular bedtime, 11:15, and i am usually up at about 5:30 so i dont think it's that. I did...

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    Oliver 2017-07-07

    The doctor will just prescribe iron pills.

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    Elizabeth 2017-05-30

    Dont worry about counting calories, its too much trouble. Just make sure you're always full. There's exercise powder you can buy that mixes into a drink and makes you gain weight. Try something like muscle milk and protein bars.

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    Zoey 2017-06-16

    you can always google or youtube zumba videos it is a really good workout, and having fun :) its been very successful for people and you don't need anything but your own two feet!

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    Abigail 2017-06-20

    It is just fine at your age. Don't worry.

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    James 2017-06-02

    I have a friend who recently stopped being vegan and she says she's feeling much better now, but considering that there are perfectly healthy vegans out there, there's not enough information to really tell if that's your problem or not. It could be lack of exercise. I know it will really suck at first, since having no energy is your problem in the first place, but just try doing anything to get yourself out of the house. Jog around the block, pick up a sport--tennis is my favorite--or join a self-defense class. Anything to get some blood flowing. Another thing it might be is sleeping problems. I used to have really troubled sleep, where I feel like I would sleep the night through but just wake up exhausted. If this is the problem, then to beat it you just have to get into a routine. Make sure you do something consistent right before you go to bed, but something that won't wake you up. Reading is a good choice. Here again, exercise will help you feel tired, just don't exercise right before sleep. It doesn't have to be very much, but even 15 minutes a day can really help.You need to exercise and eat as much protein as you can even if you are vegan. ie: tofu, peanut butter, nuts. B12 you can get from cereal, vitamins, baby food, or legumes. My cousin was one for 5 yrs but had to quit b/c in interfered with her health. Exercising is the best thing you can do though to try and get your body motivated. Thyroid glands play a large role in having low energy too.

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    Lucas 2017-07-07

    BEING VEGAN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. YOU GET ALMOST ALL OF YOUR ENERGY FROM CARBOHYDRATES. AND YOU CAN GET VITAMIN B12 FROM FORTIFIED CEREALS, ETC. LOOK IT UP! SINCE YOU'RE 15 MAYBE YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING THE PROPER DIET FOR A VEGAN ? RESEARCH!!!!I'm a vegetarian, home schooled, 16. You're probably bored, that's what's wrong. Go out and meet people, exercise, paint, draw, tie your life to the fullest! Just because you're home schooled it doesn't mean you have to be a lifeless drone. Do something creative or expand your mind. Being home schooled gives you time to work on yourself. If you enjoy doing something, but you're not good at it, that gives you time to work on whatever it is you like to do and maybe even improve. Learn to play the guitar or something. Join a local club to meet people if you have trouble with making friends.

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    Ava 2017-05-04

    Spinach has a high amount of iron. So you could make a scrambled egg with diced onion, diced tomatoes, and spinach scrambled into the egg. Hope that helps.Potatoes have some, so you could have hashbrowns. Spinach has a lot too. Raisin bran cereal also. You could also have an English Muffin. Anything with those. And watermelon has a lot. Basically, anything with potatoes, spinach, raisin bran, english muffins, watermelon. Check out the link in my soucres

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    Victoria 2017-07-17

    There is a common iron deficiency for people of italian descent - can't remember the name of it (Mediterranean?) - but could that be a possibility in your case? In the meantime, keep taking your vitamins, eat foods that are high in iron (broccoli as well as beef) and follow up with your doctor.

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    Jaxon 2017-05-19

    I am anemic also! Make sure you are taking a multi vitamin and an over the counter iron supplement everyday and trust me it will do wonders! Try breakfast quesadillas they eggs are high in iron! Good Luck email me if you want more ideas and recipes!

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    Jack 2017-05-21

    I think people at 20 have so much on their minds that they need allot of sleep. You aren't getting that much sleep & kids can drain you. Are you drinking allot of water? are you making you are taking deep breathes getting oxegen . I started doing a little yoga & this has really helped can you take the kids to the library the might even have a summer club for them & you can get a yoga DVD & do some stretching it will really make you feel better. Make sure you are not skipping meals or some snacks in the late afternoon you might need some protein like peanut butter with a sliced apple. You are going to get better. Don't worry I am allot older than you & I am even getting better. I eat something at 8 then about 10 then noon then 3 then 6 then I might have a yogurt about 8 pm. A yogurt at night will help you sleep which can help you feel better, it is the calcium. Oh, I would also get a meditation tape & get a routine with the kids if you can control what you do. Then a time for exercise you can dance around I did that when my kids were little. You are going to keep getting better.That's 2 things Jade, thanks for the vivid description. Stress and depression, leading invariably to fatigue, which is normal. Sorry for your troubles, god bless.