How can I get my mom to be healthier and lose weight?



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Okay first, my mom has this thyroid problem. Her thyroid is slow and she has to take these pills instead of getting this surgery done and I think the pills just add to her weight gain, I'm not sure but she's really overweight. When I was little I used to be embarrassed to go out in public with her. I had...

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    Luke 2017-07-07

    not only will you get in some exercise you re less likely to choose something unhealthy after a little movementAshtanga or vinyasa yoga styles bur more calories

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    Evelyn 2017-07-02

    well it very much depends on what kind of thyroid problem it is, i.e. underactive or overactive because an underactive thryoid will cause weight gain and an overactive one will cause you to lose weight. from what you have said sounds like an underactive thyroid. thyroid hormones controls your basal metabolic rate i.e. the speed of every reaction going on in your body and so if its underactive your bodys intake will be more relative to how much it uses, whcih is the problem its not using enough. unfortunately if its weight loss your want to achieve, there is only one thing that will help you and may have geuessed it, thyroxine from your doctor. the only other thing i could suggest is trying to increase iodine intake but i doubt even this will help.

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    Chloe 2017-07-09

    EXCERCISE, it's simple. I don't know why some people don't understand. I trimmed down my thighs by running 2 times a day. Don't do that weight watchers crap.Depression can put the pounds on. Figure out what is bugging you and deal with that first.

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    Madison 2017-06-30

    exercise daily and eat right!=)eggs are meant to speed up metabolism, so including them into some healthy meals might help. don't restict amount of food, i knew someone on a diet who did that and only ate small amounts at meal times, then went on holiday and said they weren't going to diet but ate mostly healthy food while out there whenever she wanted and lost more weight then when on her proper diet. so maybe small healthy meals throughout the day. maye try doing it for longer then three weeks coz i was the same as you, if i didn't see results in like a week or two i would give up, but then i persisted and started to lose weight hope this helps

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    Wyatt 2017-06-07

    Stress and depression Many people eat as a comfort, or as a way of coping with stress. How do you cope with stress? Is stress, unhappiness, depression, etc, a reason for you to overeat or to binge eat? If so, can you plan alternative strategies. For example, relaxation tapes, going for a walk, talking to a friend, etc. Top tip - see a doctor if you feel that depression is a problem. Depression can often be treated.

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    Audrey 2017-06-28

    Eat balanced diet, do some physical activity and follow a healthy lifestylewalk before dinner and youll cut calories and your appetite