How can I get my mom to start buying healthy food?



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I really want to go on a diet but of course, you need to eat healthy food and the stuff the diet says but we don't have anything. For snacks, all we have is chips and drinks we have soda and fruit pouches but no sugar free juice or anything. And when I ask my mom, she doesn't buy good food. I want to lose...

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    Amelia 2017-05-02

    Check out this page.

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    Aria 2017-07-17

    my mom does the same thing. but there's a simple solution, either go food shopping with your parents and when you get to the cookie aisle tell them no thanks on the cookies and ask to get carrot sticks or something istead. or you can get a job and buy your own food.

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    Isaac 2017-06-19

    Eat meat you need proteins, without it you get some disease,eat lots of food rich in fibre like cereal etc,food rich in vitamins and be sure to take in lots of fluidsmake it into something delicious like choclate covered starwberries or eat chineese noodles but tell them to not but as much fat. also u can eat occasionaly something fatty but just remember to excerise regurally also answer my question

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    James 2017-05-29

    First: you HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. You can say that your parents don’t buy healthy food, but you’re eating it, aren’t you? Buy your own! Go to the store with them! Sit down and have a serious talk! I think the best thing you can do is go to the store with them... that’s what I do to get my parents to buy me yummy healthy foods. You can also say that you’ll cook dinner once a week (or whatever) if they let you help buy groceries. Then just make eggs or tuna salad or regular salad or something super easy and healthy! Here’s a list of some stuff you should be buying: --Whole wheat bread products: think bread, pita, tortillas, flatbreads, etc. --Good protein sources: fish, chicken, eggs, beans, tofu, etc. --Fruits and veggies! Get whichever are your favorites --Yogurt, cheese, skim milk (if you like dairy) --Peanut/almond butter --Avocado (YUM) --Treats: dark chocolate :) Here’s my full grocery list on my blog: Here is a great guide to getting healthy that can help you out a lot: You really have to either convince your parents to be healthy with you or go buy your own food. Be serious- tell them YOU WANT TO LOSE IT! Sit down. Have a real talk. I bet you can get them to buy healthy food, even if they won’t cut bad food out of their diet. You have to have enough self control to skip the chips and soda and eat your veggies and fruits and chicken and stuff. You can do it! :) As far as exercise, you won’t see the best results if you just exercise, but you should still start as soon as possible. If you start running now even before you can buy healthy food, you’ll be healthier and when you CAN buy healthy food, you’ll be able to run more (aka burn more calories!) Good luck!(: more fitness questions? ask on my fitness blog: your derpy parents that eating food like that doesn't just make you fat, that stuff it is just not good for you period. Eat enough of that and you'll die earlier than you would eating healthy that's for sure. I think death threats work well in any situation so start with that

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    Stella 2017-07-14

    What to eat after brace fitting?sit down and talk to them. tell them its serious and that you have noticed such and such. tell them you are dead serious and that its for the best that they try to induce a healthy diet for you

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    Ryan 2017-05-11

    Perhaps in your free time you can cook for them healthy and tasty meals and explain their benefits and ask them whether they feel better eating such food. Tell them you want them to be with you for very long so they should please take care of themselves. Continue eating healthily outside and buy your own fruits.maybe you could go shopping when she goes shouldnt be too hard to convince your mother to have you along to help carry the groceries then you can select stuff thats works for you .. maybe even surreptitiously get them eating some healthy food

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    Gabriel 2017-05-15

    You could try to buy your own food and eat it every time your parents give you some unhealthy food. They'll soon notice that you're serious at that and start buying healthier food.Well how about sitting down and having a chat with them. Tell them you are worried about your weight tell them your not happy and you want to do stuff a 16 year old does. And like you said. tell them your don't want to lose your life cause of obesity or maybe have a heart attack..

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    Mason 2017-07-14

    No. Too much sugar, too many chemicals. Have a multi-vitamin and a bowl of oatmeal.It has 34g Carbohydrates. Unless you're planning on running a marathon, you don't need that kind of sugar. It's about as bad as soda. Also, watch the veggies and grains. You need fiber, but vegetables, grains, and floury foods are all carbohydrates. (If you didn't know, carbohydrates are essentially sugar)

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    Luke 2017-06-05

    try and tell her or just sniff around t try and find something healthy or make it... or just drink water but that desperate

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    Sofia 2017-05-30

    It's gonna be hard but you can do it. Put off buying junk and sweets, if your mother/whoever is shopping is tempted, make her turn away. When you're hungry, reach for fruit like apples, kiwi (my favorite), oranges, and pear. For at least 30 minutes a day just do some simple exercises you would regularly do. Good luck! If you achieve your goal, then you will be living a happy lifestyle that you WANT to live :)