How can I get my mother to butt out of this? (URGENT)?



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I'm fifteen years old, don't you think I should be able to decide what to eat? Well, I've had a lot of issues with my body since I turned thirteen. I've had these thoughts for years now "I look awful. I'm so fat. I hate my arms/legs/butt" I even have to sit in a certain position and... @ my 2 cents - I do KNOW what I'm doing. You don't know me, you'll never know me. So if you don't have a helpful answer, please move the f*ck on.

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    Natalie 2017-05-16

    kick off your sunday shoes and dance to the first four songs off the footloose soundtrackalcohol has calories too you know sub three drinks a week for lighter versions to drop a pound a year

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    Sebastian 2017-05-16

    Nice post, I hope all the young girls teens note!thats beautiful. im a 15 year old girl and i do feel like that a lot even tho my bmi is perfectly fine. im now trying to forget it and just focus on being healthy.

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    Owen 2017-05-11

    Part of it is psychological. If weight control is like a burden of rocks on your back, then you will have trouble with weight. If you seek refuge from daily stress and troubles by eating, then you will have weight control problems. Part of it could be biological or medical. People who have thyroid problems can be unusually thin or heavy, for example -- not knowing it's a simple hormone issue. Diabetes is another common problem. Physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet is another issue. If you get advice to starve yourself to lose weight it is WRONG, as your body will pack it back on instinctively as soon as you start obtaining a normal level of calories again.

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    Lucas 2017-07-03

    Don't eat too much. I'm not saying starve yourself but try to slowly decrease you eating and you'll see the difference. You should also try to push yourself to your extent when exercising. I've been using this method and lost like 8% body fat in the past 2 months i'm at like 14% nowYes it's a good idea... I will just give you the general cliff to lose weight tho: You need get in a caloric deficit... I believe that if you start eating 2,000 calories day and get active you can lose a tremendous amount of weight pretty fast, especially at your age.