How can I get my overweight 4yr old to lose weight?



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I have a 4 1/2 yr old daughter who unfortunately is overweight. She is 60lbs. Her half brother is 100lbs and only 5! I am worried she could be headed down the same path. I have struggled with my weight as well, and my husband & her dad is a tiny bit overweight. I know part of it is genetics (Poor baby) but part of...

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    Isaac 2017-06-26

    excercise and just give up wheat...hey presto weight falls lose 80lbs it would take 90 days of hard work outs and i mean hard and eating right

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    Mia 2017-05-28

    It must be possible... it would just take alot of work, especially toward the end with the last 10-15 pounds. They do it on those weight loss TV shows... but those people have it lucky since they have chefs cooking and preparing every meal and a highly paid proffesional trainer riding their butts everyday. How much work are you willing to put into it... that's the Question.well i have never been pregnant but i lost alot of weight lifting weights at the gym it will put you in great shape i was 180 now im about 135 and i done it all in 2 months so yes i would say you could lose weight dont ever give up because i no there was time's i wanted too =)

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    Jacob 2017-05-28

    if you re going to indulge choose fat releasing foodsPlease tell me you did not do it by height and weight. That is SO inaccurate literally worthless. A stranger could guess your BF better then that. Muscles, body frame, etc. Someone 40lb heavier could be skinny while the lighter dude is really fat. Atleast use on the BF scales that measures your waist vs your height. Anyways. Losing weight = losing calories. Eat less. Not enough to put yourself in starvation mode but quiet alot less. That's from what you should eat to maintain which would already be less then you have now so if you think about it, it will be something. Find out how much you burn (1800?) and subtract 400 or so. Do some exercise while your at it too, cardio will shred fat. These are just approximations use the internet as a further resource just cardio, and less calories

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    Caleb 2017-07-15

    It is difficult to be active when you have to take a one year old child everywhere with you - you never get up any speed! Does your local swimming pool have a 'ladies only' session? Swimming is a good way to tone up and lose excess flab. If not, find some other exercise programme (a gym? running?) that will boost your metabolism. You should also cut out any sugary or fatty foods that you might be eating to give you a quick energy boost (cakes, jams, biscuits, pastry); they work in the short term, but too much is stored on your body afterwards.

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    Stella 2017-05-01

    Why don't you just stop eating junk and start working out?First wake up a lot like you never ran in your life...

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    Henry 2017-06-11

    Offer to make dinner sometime? Make a healthy meal? If you maybe try picking up the habit of being healthy and start bragging about how easy it is and how great it makes you feel. Then maybe they will want to get involved too! Maybe even join cycling class. If you have any children of your own see if you can get the kids into a sport? Something to at least get them out and about. Parents get very defensive when they feel someone else trying to parent or tell them they are making a mistake, so proceed with i'm a 15 year-old boy with no children