How can I get my parents healthier?



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My parents were formerly both very active people, and in the past two years they have become very sedentary. They are both almost 50 and eat way too much for dinner and dessert, not enough for breakfast and lunch, not enough fruits or vegetables and neither take a vitamin. I am only 16 but I do the market shopping...

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    Owen 2017-05-04

    No offense, I don't believe it when people say they can't find a job. No one likes to hear this but McDonald's is almost always hiring. And believe it or not, they are amazing to have on a resume of a high schooler (I'm assuming you are one). Can you ask? Have you asked your parents to let you tag along to buy groceries? Have you asked if you can do chores around the house to maybe earn some money towards groceries? Do you exercise? If not, you should start. Junk food sucks but it also depends on your activity level.If they only buy junk foods, I think you should talk to them and encourage them to buy some healthier snacks or foods than really have a health benefits.

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    Carter 2017-05-02

    You can't eat "healthier" unless you buy healthier food. You CAN however eat just the serving size of those "bad" foods. After all - a SERVING size of cake is better than an ENTIRE cake. Right? Count calories. Measure and calculate - don't estimate.

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    Jayden 2017-06-26

    just make u a fruit smoothie with ur fav fruit yogurt or drink milk and there is this new fiber out that is tasteless u can mix it in anything its called Benefiber u should try it and just ask ur parents be like "well i was wonder if u guys could cook more healthier meals please " if that doesnt work just buy u some healthy snacksIf the food you eat you think is not healthy and there is little you can do about it, the first step I would take if I were you is to initiate healthy habits - like eating small meals at smaller intervals of time, drinking lots of fluids, sleeping well, exercising regulary and so on. See it is easy to point fingers at others but in every single tight spot there is a way where you can help yourself.

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    Aubrey 2017-06-22

    Question about eating habit?just try not to eat too much of it and talk to them about the lifestyle changes you want to make and see if they consider.

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    Daniel 2017-05-14

    It's gonna be hard but you can do it. Put off buying junk and sweets, if your mother/whoever is shopping is tempted, make her turn away. When you're hungry, reach for fruit like apples, kiwi (my favorite), oranges, and pear. For at least 30 minutes a day just do some simple exercises you would regularly do. Good luck! If you achieve your goal, then you will be living a happy lifestyle that you WANT to live :)

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    Mila 2017-05-23

    Check out these links below for healthy tasty ideas Some of the british foods are often forgotten by is something from medieval period

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    Liam 2017-05-20

    dont eatwecome to obesity, heart disease and gerd!

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    Sebastian 2017-07-17

    You have absolutely NO right to do that. Once you are too old to ask your mother, you are too old to ask anyone INCLUDING your kid. Your mother is a grown woman and is old enough to make her own decisions.its probably making her stronger having you keep strong for her too, and i would think thats a good thing, just dont push too far. ultimately she is going to do, what she wants to do, as she is an adult, but what your doing does not sound like forcing her, maybe "coaching" sounds better.. and keep it up positive reinforcement and family support can help with breaking bad habits and sometimes its ok to treat yourself with bad foods, as long as its in moderation,

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    Julian 2017-07-16

    This site might be what your looking for... to my sources.. for what u looking for

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    Luke 2017-05-20

    If you drink soda, stop. That is one of the main things that bring you down.