How can I get my six pack to show its under a very thin layer of fat I guess..?



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So I'm not sure if any description I give you can really help or not but I won't be able to post pictures. I'm 19 almost 20, a guy and am currently only 143 lbs.. i'm not very tall either like 5'9 I think. Anyway I do eat some fatty foods but my entire body is really skinny like my arms and...

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    Hannah 2017-06-27

    Try exercises based upon abs and core muscles.

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    Jaxon 2017-05-06

    Ways to get abs is really focusing on thoose mucles, ways to make them show up are by doing abs, etc, you can search up the video "8 minute abs" on youtube. also you obviously have to have a healthy diet! thanks hope this helped.sit ups and push ups and lots of water i am working on that i have to cute out my cokes hard thing to do

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    Isaac 2017-05-06

    A thin layer over your stomach is HEALTHY!!! DON'T loose any more!!

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    Jacob 2017-07-01

    5ft 8.5 and only 50kg seriously I find it hard to believe you have any muscle on you at all go get something to eat.Skinny people do not have 6 packs.

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    Layla 2017-05-03

    Sounds like baby fat to me, man. I know so many other people that have this, usually all you have to do is wait a few years and most guys lose it.

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    Isaac 2017-06-17

    buy the ab circule pro. i have it. its really cool and fun. It helps alot. do cardio and eat less than 2000 calories a day. Do about 30 min of cardio a day.

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    Hannah 2017-06-19

    situps....Good for you! I would recommend leg lifts on a 30-45 degree incline (Bring your legs up 90 degrees) . Start with 4 sets of 5 -- gradually work your way to 4 sets of 15. This will build muscle and tone the area. Plank and core muscle exercises -- Yes, Pilates too. Crunches or VERY SLOW situps. These build the muscle and create the definition however if there's a 1" layer of fat over it, you won't be able to see it. Unfortunately getting a six pack for someone of your size is more difficult. First you need to eliminate much of the excess belly fat around your lats and abs at the same time you're building your abs up. They should meet somewhere in the middle at around a size 32-34 waistline. Aerobic or cardio workouts -- e.g. a spin cycle class will burn fat around your midsection -- core muscles are required to support your body when cycling. All you need is a sadistic instructor. Running and swimming also help IF you know how to utilize core muscles in your running and swimming form. Training for 1/2 and full distance triathlons I didn't see my six pack until I went from a size 34 to a size 28. My body fat percentage went from 12-13% to 7-8% All the best!

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    Mason 2017-05-14

    Main abdominal workouts such as jackknives and situps :D, join a gym they'll have more information..congrdualtations.... you've past the first big hurdle.! in order to get more lean and cut u need to reduce some of your carbs.. and also do more cardio.. and challenge your abs more by doing wieght resistance ab exercises.. using the weighted plate to your chest on the ab bench... doing leg pull ups on the chin up bar, etc don't forget to train all your body the rest of the muscles...

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    Audrey 2017-05-08

    No, you do not need to lose more weight, you need to do more ab exercises. There are different sets of muscles that make up your abs. You not only need to work your center abs but also your lateral abs. You can do this by laying on your back, then turn slightly onto one side or the other. If you are laying on your left side put your left hand under your head. Place your right hand on the right side of your abs and lift your body up just enough to feel your muscles contract. Do as many as you can on each side, also do the same for the center abs. You also have lower abs that you need to work. If you can lay on your back and put your legs straight up and lift your hips up off the floor you will engage your lower ab muscles. Be sure to eat protein to help build muscle. When you lose weight you will lose muscle first then fat, so do not try to show off your muscles by becoming too lean.I'm not sure about BMI but I asked a female body builder w/ a BS in Nutrition about this last week actually, she said 10% for females and you will probably lose your period and 7-8 % in males

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    Ellie 2017-07-17

    Single digit BMI shows abs. Also, you need to flex your abs to make them show. You need to work them like any other muscle and learn to flex them. You are probably not flexing them when you look in the mirror.No no no, you don't want to lose more weight because your abs don't show. 5'2" 109 is nice. I like that size in a woman, but remember because you don't have a lot of fat doesn't mean your abs will show. Your abs are muscles, just like when your biceps are toned. Abs can be worked with weight, like holding a dumbell to your chest while doing situps and crunches. Abs just won't show. You have to work them. Everyone has abs and they are there for everyone, but what makes people different is that people have to do different things to make them comes out and show. Do some of your ab workouts with weight, but don't do too much. Start light especially if you have never used weight, because like any other thing, you can still injure yourself. So do that, but don't neglect doing workouts without weight. Do both.