How to make Spanish beans?



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Everytime I go to a spanish wedding they serve these refried like beans and beef.the beans have chillies in them and little cubes of some kind of cheese,Also other stuff I'm Not sure of..I love them how do I make that.

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    Oliver 2017-06-03

    My Mom made spanish rice with sautee'd onions and tomato sauce adding cooked rice. But usually to make anything 'spanish' requires chili peppers or tomato sauce so I would make the beef stew with them too.

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    Audrey 2017-07-05

    When it comes to refried beans, I recommend using lard. Even better would be bacon dripping. i know I'll get some thumbs down on this, but anyone from Mexico will tell you that it's how it's traditionally done. It will give you great flavor and texture.I make spanish rice.Sometimes do a fresh salsa.