How to make Sugar free Jam?



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I am putting together and home made Birthday hamper for a friend who is diabetic. Can anyone offer any good sugar free jam recipes that can be made in a bread maker?

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    Madison 2017-07-02

    I am not sure why you want to make something like jam or jelly more healthier!! It is a treat thing. Don't mess with the recipes on this by using less sugar or substituting any synthetic substance for it. If you don't like the sugar in jam you shouldn't be making it. It is almost pure sugar anyway from the fruit juice and pulp. Less sugar may mean it spoils before it is even opened.Use less sugar or use raw sugar which is better for you. Or use honey. With the raw sugar the granule is usually larger so requires a little more time to dissolve. This is what I use all the time when I can. Its brown so my pickles look a little dark, but I don't do competitions or anything. With honey you have to boil down a little more and you still end up with a not as firm jam. But if you use local raw honey thats the best for you. Also you could cut the sugar and sub some stevia in. But stevia is very sweet compared to sugar, so don't sub in one to one.

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    Oliver 2017-06-25

    Just goto to this web site It has EVERY thing you need!!!go to and search for diabetic recipes. You can probably do most of your baking by replacing granulated sugar and using splenda. Try going online and typing in diabetic recipes. I know Companyscoming- has two diabetic cook books where you can download recipes. You also might try your local diabetic association. Many stores now sell diabetic chocolates and candies, they are expensive but they're a nice treat. You know tho diabetics can have some sugar, they'd actually prefer you have sugar to using aspertane. Good luck.

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    Penelope 2017-07-19

    probably not since jam is made from fruit and fructose is the natural sugar that occurs in fruit.Only jalapeno.

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    Ethan 2017-06-11

    Make any kind of pie that you wish, simply use a sugar substitute rather than place of the sugar.