How to make Swiss Chalet French Fries?



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I love French fries from Swiss Chalet. Does anyone know the recipe for them. I know they are fresh cut russet potatoes, but to they soak them in water or blanch them before frying? They must do something to them. If anyone knows or if you have worked there, please let me in on their secret. Thanks!

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    David 2017-07-13

    fish fries brat friesSweet potato fries are delicious!!

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    Aria 2017-07-01

    Depends on my mood, but probably French fries, because they're good any time. Baked potatoes are large and if they're cooked just a teeny bit off course, they taste bad.I would choose a baked potato to cut the fat, however, I do not use butter, I just like salt and pepper, sometimes light ranch dressing. In many cases, the way that people dress their potato's, french fries could be healthier.

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    Gabriel 2017-07-07

    Cut fresh potatoes. Add to cold water. Boil for like 5 min. Remove the water. To the pot, add little oil and salt. Spread on cooking sheet and bake for 425 for about 45 mins. Turn once at mid cook time. I make these all the time.umm..get sweet potataoes..cover in garlicpowder, salt and pepper, put little bit oil on a baking sheet..put slice of potatoe onto sheet and into oven at 350 degrees till browned

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    Aubrey 2017-05-12

    FYI potato fries!!! hahaha fries are made out of potatoes only you need not say potato fries!!

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    Natalie 2017-06-18

    Leave the skins on ;) It tastes real good with them on and plus there is a lot of nutrients in the skinProbably leave the skin on in my opinion. P.S. I ? French fries