How to make Tastiest and delicious Chappathies and one nice vegetarian and one non-vegetarian side dish?



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Chappathi kanekelia mood aagaya.Mera gharme banathaihe lekin uthna teek nahi. Mera hinditho uthna teek nahi.Angrajeme jawab thenkelie koshis karo.BAHOOTH SHUKRIA! Give step by step procedure to make all the above items.I would like to freak out to day.

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    Lincoln 2017-06-21

    Vegetable Korma and Saag Paneer (spinach) are my two favorites.paneer tikka veg handi veg kolhapuri mushroom n potatoes

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    Lincoln 2017-05-09

    indian and mexican food minus meat and cheese

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    Jacob 2017-05-22

    here are few hundred cooking video mostly veg can cook a nice aloo chapathi with khad kumde dhal

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    Hannah 2017-06-16

    Idle Pav bhaji Panipuri basiclly everythingChicken Tikka Chilla Mussala

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    Zoe 2017-06-07

    For Veg Pulav 2 cups basmati rice 4 cups water 4 masala maggi cubes half inch tikki 2 cloves 2 peppercorns 3 elaichi small cubes of carrot 1/4 cup frozen peas 5 cashewnuts 5 raisins 1 onion finely chopped 1/4 tsp tumeric powder 2 tsps oil Put the oil in a utensil. Add the spices and then onions. Once the onions are browned add veg, nuts and raisins. Toss and add the rice, crushed maggi cubes and little tumeric powder. Fry for a lil time and then add water. Reduce heat and let it cook. Once cooked you can add a dash or lime juice and stir.

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    Mason 2017-05-11

    For tasty and easy dishes check this link can prepare simple dal with your cappathi .. or veg kadai goes best.. it also depends if you are veg or non veg.. but i prefer veg as it is healthy option .. to do a naan you must make your dough with flour oil and salt. you must then make it like a chappathi but a little thick and place it in a clay oven (if you have ..) wait for it to bake .. you will know it is done when it turns a little brown. at least thats how i do it at home..