How to make Thanksgiving Dinner Low Sodium?



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I am looking for any tricks or tips on how to make Thanksgiving dinner low sodium, but that is still special and filling. (My husband has renal failure, he is on a low sodium diet, no more than 1000mg of sodium, that is the max he can go. ) Wish list: Turkey, (will be just a breast) some sort of potato, veggies,...

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    Madison 2017-07-08

    Juanita has given you what you are asking for and it sounds like a good sauce (cudos to Juanita!), but perhaps it is time to try leaving the bad things behind instead of looking for their replacements. Have you considered marinating the meat in plain white vinegar and rubbing with oil, salt, and spices before BBQing? You might be surprised at the flavor you have been missing under all that sauce! Eating simpler may be a mind set that will help you more than living the same old lifestyle with substitutions. Don't mean to sound preachy, but if the mind set is not there- you're not going to change. Good luck, live simply and eat simply.