How to make Whipped Cream? And can you please list the types of cream I can use?



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I want to learn how to make whipped cream. Is there any substitute for vanilla extract? I don't want to use heavy creams. Is there anything I can use like milk or something. and what is the recipe for whipped cream?

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    Avery 2017-06-09

    heavy cream is CREAM FOR WHIPPING INTO WHIPPED CREAM ....whipped cream without cream?! Sister, I think you are talking about cook whip. try egg whites, cold milk and sugar...whip in a cold bowl, with cold whip or spoon until soft and a merangue top on food!

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    Avery 2017-07-12

    None of these can be made at home with milk, it doesn't have enough butterfat. Cream that is partially whipped is clotted cream. Cream that is fully whipped is whipped cream. Sour cream is the result of a bacterial process somewhat like yogurt.

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    Jayden 2017-06-12

    whip it... haha jk. lol. =]

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    Michael 2017-07-06

    Heavy cream is the normal basis for making whip cream. Just whip it. It can be whipped by hand using a wire whisk—but that's a lot of work particularly if there is more than a pint of cream. Use an immersion blender (but not a counter top blender) or a mixer on high. Stop as soon it holds its shape. If whipped much beyond this point, it becomes butter.Yes, just cream and sugar. The amount of sugar isn’t critical, but I use about 3T/pint of cream. The French often add a tiny bit of vanilla, which is a nice touch. The cream should be well-chilled, as should the mixing bowl. I hope you have a mixer because, although you can whip the cream by hand with a whisk, your arm will feel like it’s going to fall off. Using a mixer, start beating the cream at as high a speed as you can without splattering. Add the sugar (and vanilla, if your using it) as you start beating. As the cream begins to thicken, you’ll be able to turn the speed up without splatterin. go to full speed as soon as you can. The tricky part is knowing when to stop. If you go too far, the result will be vaguely granular in texture (you’re on your way to making butter at this point and those are little globs of it). There’s a rather subtle way of telling when you’ve gone as far as you can safely go: at the exact point when the surface of the cream loses it’s shine, stop right then (when you think you’re getting close to that point, stop the mixer for a good look, then continue, if necessary, with little 5 second bursts until you reach the no-shine point). You can stop before this point, of course, but the cream will be softer. If you’re whisking by hand, use as large a whish as you can and just go at it as energetically as you can. It can take a while. Keep the cream thoroughly chilled until you use it.

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    Zoe 2017-06-25

    Absolutely. Whip with an electric beater or an old fashioned kind if you have good arm muscles. When it's still a little more liquidy than you would like, but still pretty thick, start adding in the sugar just a small amount at a time. Then whip until it's as thick as you want it. Don't put in sugar or other ingredients until you have whipped it fairly thick.i worked in restaurant's for years we never used whipping cream always used heavy cream 1cup cream 1tbs sugar and a lil vanilla use whisk of fork till peeks

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    Matthew 2017-07-11

    Yes, you can! Put the beaters in the bowl that you'll be using, and put them in the fridge until they're very cold - that's the key. Of course, your cream needs to be cold, as well.yeah !!! just beat it on the mixer for 1 minute or so then add your sugar and any other flavor you like, I do mine with sugar and a couple tbsp. of Amaretto Liquor and then beat it until all fluffy and light. Make sure you use very cold cream, even the bowl I put in the freezer ahead of time so its very cold and also don't over beat it or you'll make butter instead of whipped cream.

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    Ethan 2017-05-21

    You have to use heavy whipping cream to make whipped cream. You need the butterfat for it to emulsify. And no, you can't add butter to regular milk.You have to go to the store and buy a carton of HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM. It's in the dairy section. You then take it home and follow the direction and whip it up yourself with a mixer.