How to make Yogurt especially when the weather is cold?



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    Grayson 2017-05-15

    As long as you warm up your muscles before heading out, its ok. Be careful on roads that may have cinders. You dont want to twist your ankle.IT IS OK..BUT IF IT IS COLE..BESIDES DRESSING CORRECTLY..AND DO NOT OVERDRESS OR YOU WILL SWEAT AND CAN GET PNEUMONIA OR SUCH....WEAR SOME SORT OF A SCARF OR FACE GEAR OVER YOUR MOUTH TO KEEP THE EXTREME COLD FROM ENTERING YOUR LUNGS ALSO..

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    Emma 2017-06-03

    Why not! If so, you would enjoy beautiful winter more and would fit more. cheers!

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    Joshua 2017-05-15

    either chuck it in the freezer or use cold water instead of hot water?after you boil it - add ice. In the summer I drink a lot of peppermint tea - I boil a pot of peppermint tea - add ice - put it in a pitcher and keep it in the fridge.

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    James 2017-05-16

    mix crystal light packages into water and make cool cups...just pour liquid in a plastic or Styrofoam cup and freeze. grab one and go! You can also make ice cubes.