How to make a 3 tier birthday cake?



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I need to make a 3 tier cake for my daughters first birthday. I was gunna have the bakery do it but they want 500 dollars. I want a white cake with strawberry filling. The bottom tier I want white fondant with black zebra stripes. The middle I want all black fondant covering the cake. I want to make pink bows...

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    Jacob 2017-06-29

    You need to call and ask local bakeries.

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    Lucy 2017-05-15

    None learn to use buttercream corectly and people will actually eat the frosting rather than just pee of your precious fondant and throw it in the trash.

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    Penelope 2017-06-16

    I don't know about it being the best technique but you can do lots of things with fondant. It feels like play dough and works about the same way. The decorators at the shop I work at make all kind of things with fondant and glue them to cakes a bit of frosting.Actually, you could pretty easily do that with icing. Just by drawing slightly oblong circles and letting the coloring bleed.

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    Audrey 2017-05-17

    Yes, it is fine overnight. And you already noted that you are aware it should not go in the fridge, especially with fondant. It will not get soggy leaving it out, but the fondant will lock in the moisture so the cake still remains moist when you cut it the next day. Put it in a cake saver if you hopefully have one that can fit this size of cake.

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    Eli 2017-06-09

    Frost the cake in white, then buy black sugar and cut out a cardboard stencil of a stripe...maybe 3 different ones...then hover then stencil over the cake and sprinkle the sugar through...alternate stripes.

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    Oliver 2017-07-17

    Hi. You'll get no rude comments from me because you want to do this for your daughter, but I will tell you that you will need to know not only the diameters of the layers, but also the heights of the layers, in order to determine how much fondant to use. Also, be careful with it, as it can be temperamental, as I've learned from Food Network Challenges. As for the actual amount you will need, I would consult with Hobby Lobby to determine how much to buy. They will be more familiar with their products than I ever could, especially since there is no Hobby Lobby store in my area. They will (should) also be able to tell you how thin you can roll it before you risk tearing it. Good Luck, and Happy Birthday to your little one.

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    Joshua 2017-06-29

    It should hold for stacking. [see ] It should also be able to support fondant stripes atop buttercream frosting. [see ] An example of a stacked zebra striped (on the inside) cake covered *entirely* with fondant can be found at Good luck with your zebra cake!

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    Logan 2017-06-19

    Almost any bakery can make that for you as long as your careful about which one ie. Cupcakeries. If you get special edible logos made it would be really easy to make yourself. I would check with your parents, they might already know, and prices vary on your location, stores, and bakeries.Price depends on the bakery you choose. Need to call around locally and price places before you decide. Probably a good ideal to sample the flavors you want as well. Don't want any bad surprises on your big day. Planning a big cake like this,it's almost as big of a deal as a wedding cake. It will take patience.

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    Wyatt 2017-05-21

    Tierd cakes should be made on platforms that are actually supported "invisibly" by wooden or plastic dowels that go through the tier below it and rest on the very bottom cake plate. As far as picking them up, try using a HUGE spatula. Usually fondant is not put on until the layers are on it's platform, then the final drape of fondant is done then.They should already be sitting on some kind of platform that is the same size as the cake tier. Then you use dowels to support the platforms as you stack them. To pick them up, I would just use the palm of your hand to gently move them to the edge of your counter and then pick them up from beneath. If they get slightly dented then just use a fondant smoother to smooth them out again once they're stacked. Julie (