How to make a 3d shark cake?



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My son wants a shark cake for his birthday. I've read some online tips on how to make it, but if anyone would have any suggestions that would be great. So tips on making a shark cake please :). Photos would help as well.

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    Sebastian 2017-06-30

    Buttercream Icing would be best to use 4c.Sifted powder sugar 3/4c. Vegetable shortening (white) 3tsp. Meringue powder 1/4tsp. Salt 1/2tsp. Flavoring (colorless Vanilla or butter) 3-4tbs Water (For overall frosting, Flowers and decorating and you can make it any color you want with food coloring.) Using electric mixer add sugar gradually to shortening, salt and flavoring. Add water and mix just until fluffy, then add meringue powder powder mix again until well blended. If you are making the cake the night before then putting it in the fridge will be just fine or you can just let it set out as long as it is covered. Good luck.i would just get canned frosting (at least 3 cans). put it in a bowl, add equal drops of red, blue and yellow food coloring - it should make a grey color when mixed with white frosting. you can add a little milk to thin it out. the cake will be ok to leave out overnight. if you do freeze it, make sure you leave enough time to defrost before serving. good luck! see also: baking, birthdays for ideas

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    Ryan 2017-06-19

    My suggestion for you would be to bake a large-ish rectangular cake and then carve it to look like a shark. When the cake is baked and cooled, trim the corners to make a oval/torpedo-y shark shape. After you make an oval-ish shape, take the parts that you trimmed off of the cake to fashion a dorsal fin and a tail. Use food coloring to make the icing the color you want and maybe white chocolate chips can be the teeth. Really, the possibilities are endless. I truly wish I could draw my thoughts and share them with you...I'm better with cakes than computers though. I really hope this helped. To answer is more if you want to do a shark silhouette...not a whole shark.two suggetions- 1. publix or winndixie or biggest supermake chain in your area sells theme cakes.they have a book to pick out from. 2. be creative-remeber the bunny cakes-cut a round cake in half and place standing up together and toothpick together.then frost and decorate.use smaller cake pieces or just use cardboard for the fin.

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    Amelia 2017-06-20 Shaped cakes are not easy. If you had a bunt pan, two sheet cake pans, I would suggest an idea, but then the icing would take more time than the baking and cutting, which you don't have.This Site Might Help You. RE: I need a template for a crocodile birthday cake!? I need to bake a crocodile shaped cake for a 10th birthday tomorrow. I'd like to do a 3D one. Any websites that can help? Advise? Please help!

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    Brooklyn 2017-06-13

    Simply type in photos of decorated cakes ..and many will come up also go to and for many beautiful photos and ideas .. you can type in cake decorating and get other sites as well

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    Ella 2017-07-14

    No, but I love decorating cakes! -or or happy cooking

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    Sebastian 2017-06-29

    go to cupcakes.comlook in here you will find all you need and more