How to make a Baseball shirt cake?



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I am looking to make a baseball shirt cake for my sons 1st birthday. I want to make it a 2 layer cake meaning the same size just so its thicker! What do I need to make the cake stick together? I will not be using a shirt cake pan because I can not find one nor do I have time to order one! Please help me. I...

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    Audrey 2017-07-03

    Try going to a specialty cake place, or look online at places and see if they have them. You can always just carve a motorcycle. :D

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    Amelia 2017-05-13

    the great gazoo had a good idea there, and if that isn't enough cake, make a 9x13, then carve it out in the shape of a hockey stick and lay it on the board next to the puck, use white icing with some color at the top in a stripe, you could also write your son's name down the stick. Sounds like fun!! happy 2nd to your little one!

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    Penelope 2017-07-13

    Make a round cake with very dark Chocolate icing and write NHL across it with orange icing sugar so looks like a hockey puck.Make cupcakes and line them like a hockey stick or something like that then put icing over it and decorate as if it was just a cake(not individual cupcakes) Like the ones in Safeway.

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    Matthew 2017-05-15

    Would you prefer tiers that get smaller toward the top, or just 3 tiers of the same size. Considering that you are looking for something more masculine, I would suggest 3 tiers fo the same size. Go with 9" cake pans (they come in a standard depth at most places, but if you are in a specialty store, you may find really deep ones; thats not what you want). Bake 3 cakes, let them cool, and then carefully cut the tops off of them (they will have rounded or bulged tops from baking) so that you basically have 3 giant chocolate coins. Put the first on on the cake plate, and frost just the top. Frost the tops of the other 2 cakes before you stack them, so that the weight of you spreading the icing does not squish it out of the lower tiers. Carefully stack them so they are in an even, straight column, and then frost the outside of the whole thing. Decorate it in a manly fashion, and a glorious cake you shall have.

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    Zoe 2017-07-15

    There is no set size for a three tier cake. I've seen ones that have HUGE bottom tiers and extra small top tiers. It's all in how you want to design a cake. As for the design, you should try to find out what they are into, and design the cake specifically for them. If they are into different things, make one side one design and the other side another. For example, if one is into home improvement and the other is into computers, make one side of the cake with different home tools, and the other side with different tech savvy designs.There is no set size, it depends on how many people you are serving. What are they into? do they enjoy the same activities or are you going to have to combine soemthing like football and hunting? Can't help you with a design as I don't know the guys.

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    Benjamin 2017-05-01

    bake each of the cakes as the pans dictate! fully cooked then cooled! Use butter cream icing to connect the 3 parts of your cake on a cake plate or board! Then ice the cake and decorate it!

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    Lucy 2017-06-25

    Aww, what a sweet idea. You are so thoughtful I think the only way to do what you're saying is to bake a huge rectangle cake and cut/shape it to look the part. What I would do is bake 3 cakes separately (depends on the size you want). Then cut the cake to look like the hands and the football. Then, if needed, cut the edges of the football to fit into the hands. Put icing around the edges to act as a glue, and decorate. If you want a base, you'll probably need to make another whole cake. Best of luck.You HAVE to cook these separately then put them on the platter together for presentation. Trying to do it any other way will just make a huge mess. You will not be able to manipulate these cakes before they are completely cooled, much less when they are only partially cooked and still runny/floppy.

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    Aiden 2017-05-11

    I looked at the website below, but couldn't find anything for you. However you might want to call them, they might be able to order it for you. Good luck!!Check out eBay for cake decorating books. There is actually a book called Sporty Cakes. I can;t remember who it is buy tho.

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    Addison 2017-05-12

    On the picture of this t-shirt cake it looks like they took a 9x13 cake, and cut off one end. I think they cut that end in half for the sleeves, and also made a little scoop for the neck. Good luck!go 2 ebay.or ask sum football interested person or a cake shop.happy birthday 2 ur hubby.