How to make a McCafe Caramel Frappe?



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Like I know how to make a frappe, but it seems they use ice in their's. So how could I make one? By the way, I'm totally addicted to the McCafe Frappes! (:

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    Ava 2017-06-06

    That is not a macchiato at all, lol, oh starbucks. Anyway, just ask them, I'm sure they'll make it. But it might just be milk with caramel? I am not sure how they make it... Also, most of them will tell you how to say it in starbucks or common coffee lingo when you ask for something different. Back in the day, when I would be caught dead at a starbucks, a barista told me about her favorite drink, "all soy, no water chai latte." That used to be my drink. No coffee in that, and it tastes like christmas!!!You can probably ask for Decaf, I would just tell them what you want and they will give it to you.

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    Emma 2017-05-27

    what you want is essentially creamer with caramel. there is something called a vanilla bean Frappuccino, it has no coffee in it and you can add caramel if you like. as for other drinks without coffee, they have a chai tea frapp. and a strawberry and crème one as well. you could also get a steamed milk with any added flavor you want.You just did. Now give it a try at the Starbucks store. (You might also be interested in doing a google search for "Starbucks secret menu".)

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    Mason 2017-05-04

    Go to a real coffee house that serves real coffee like espresso, Latte, Caffe Macchiato or even a Mocha without having to add any flavors or syrups or creams to make the fact their coffee is watered down crap. And then they charge you a arm and a leg for this watered down crap.Get black coffee so that it doesn't take ten minutes for them to make it if I'm stuck behind you in line.

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    Hannah 2017-07-09

    Strawberry frappacino.So you do not like caramel, you want it on the rocks, and you would rather it be made with coffee (So no teas)? Alright! Try an Iced Mocha with whipped cream. A grande will be made with: -Four pumps of mocha sauce (A bitter sweet chocolate) -Two shots of espresso -Cold 2% milk -Ice -Whipped cream If you aren't into chocolate and want to try something that's only around for a limited time try and Grande Iced Hazelnut Macchiato: -Four pumps of vanilla syrup -Cold 2% milk -Ice -Two shots of espresso on top of the ice -Hazelnut drizzle The drink above is only here for a few weeks. It's very good and, when iced, it looks awesome! It's a layered drink that is perfectly sweet. If you like sweet drinks try a Grande Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Whipped Cream: -Four pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup -Two espresso shots -Cold 2% milk -Ice -Whipped Cream -Cinnamon Dolce powder/sprinkles The above drink is by far one of my favorites. The powder on top of the whip is so good and when iced this drink has an amazing flavor! GOOD LUCK!

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    Sebastian 2017-06-05

    Ummm... how bout you get up and go get one from McDonald's...I would look how to make it on or ask .com

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    Ellie 2017-07-15

    It taste like chocolate. It's mocha(chocolate) coffee.Mocha frapuccinos are all right. It's just dark chocolate with coffee blended together. Imo, it could need a bit more chocolate. I prefer a Java Chip frappuccino. It's basically a mocha frappuccino but with little peices of chocolate chips inside it. DO NOT start with a Cappuccino, if you're not a fan of coffee. Cappuccinos are half filled with milk and half filled with foam (airy milky foamy stuff), so the espresso or the coffee will taste pretty store. Flavored LATTES are the better way to start off. Lattes are mainly milk and coffee so the espresso will be dilluted by the milk. Since you like double chocolate chip frappuccinos, I assume you have a bit of a sweet tooth. Try a Black & White Mocha. It's dark chocolate with white mocha mixed together. The white mocha is really rich and super sweet so the dark chocolate balances each other out. Or if you want something that's not super sweet, a simple Vanilla Latte will work. It's subtly sweet but not overpoweringly sweet like white mocha. A drink I commonly suggest for those who have a sweet tooth is a Hazelnut White Mocha. Everyone who's tried it all enjoy it and I've always gotten good feedback from it. Also a promise that Starbucks has is that they will make you a perfect cup the first time but if they end up messing it up, you're not satisfied, or it was something you didn't expect they will remake the beverage for you or make something you know you'll like. Let a barista know it's your first time trying whatever it is and they will help figure out a drink for you.

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    Aubrey 2017-05-27

    k.. idk exact measurements but just eye them! lol -lots of ice -half and half.. or milk -chocolate syrup -coffee -sugar - whipped cream ( optional ) that about it!You might not like this but you need a thickener to get the best effect - try using a bit of instant chocolate pudding mix.

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    Layla 2017-05-04

    vanilla latte. amazing.Yes, you can definitely ask to get a flavored syrup inside a regular brewed coffee. It just spices the coffee up and I prefer using flavored syrup than regular packets of sugar. White mocha makes a cup of Pike Place Roast tastes waaay better. Vanilla is a good flavor because it's subtle and not too sweet. You can even try a flavored "MISTO". It's half brewed coffee & half steamed milk. It astes similart to a latte but it's a bit weaker in the coffee but less pricier. Since you seem to have a sweet tooth (from looking at your usual) but enjoy strong coffee, try a Starbucks Double Shot on Ice with White Mocha & cream. It's basically shots of espresso shaken up with the flavoring. It tastes similar to an iced coffee but for whatever reason, tastes slightly better. A mix of Hazelnut & White Mocha tastes really good as a hot beverage. Toffee Nut gives a similar flavor as well.. both with white mocha are really good. Hazelnut & Mocha are a good mix. Pumpkin spice (since it's back for the season) tastes pretty good with Mocha.. But basicaly anything with white mocha makes any drink taste even better.

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    Alexander 2017-07-19

    I think you could just make Iced Coffee and then put carmel syrup in it and then just stir it up.......Hope this Helpsmake caramel flavored coffee or plain coffee with caramel flavored cream or something and put ice in it