How to make a Oreo milkshake without a blender?



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Okay I know it sounds hard, but could I just crush the Oreos into the ice cream? Just asking before I waste ingredients ::))

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    Eli 2017-07-12

    A milkshake is made of ( at the minimum ): Icecream, and Milk, and you need a blender. From what I know.. You must have ice creamYou can make icecream. or

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    Isabella 2017-05-25

    Get yourself some crushed ice, milk or cream, vanilla or other flavored yogurt and some sort of flavoring. I like to use the sugar free fruit puree's, or one of those flavored protein shake powders. Add the ice, yogurt and flavoring if using a fruit or fruit puree, give a good whiz. Stream in a bit of milk or cream until the consistency is good. If you are using a powder, add it with some cream or milk with the ice and yogurt and whiz, adding more for good consistency. The ice will reduce to nearly nothing and make a good shake consistency with a good blender and a few minutes.If you delete ice cream it is not a milkshake--it is something else entirely. Try making smoothies instead. Chef Jack Garrison

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    Lucy 2017-07-09

    Honestly you need a blender because you have to add ice to all of the stuff you have there. And you need to get that ice crushed finely. If you just mix that all together you'll get more of a soup than milkshake.

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    Sophia 2017-06-14

    Put some of these things in a blender and blend.Add milk to the blender...throw in the Oreo's and a couple scoops of ice cream...blend..keep adding milk and ice cream until it is as thick as you want.............................

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    Elijah 2017-07-04

    Stick it in a blender or smoothie maker :)Instead of ice cream, you could just mix milk, sugar, ice, and a little bit of vanilla extract into the blender with the bananas and blueberry yogurt. It will be delicious!

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    Aria 2017-05-06

    You can't make a Cookies n' Cream shake without vanilla Ice Cream smarty.Put oreo cookies in a blender and mince. Then pour the crumbs in a bottle, put on the cap, and shake it for a few minutes. You will have made SEVERAL oreos shake at that point. Much better.

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    Zoey 2017-07-05

    Use this recipe and replace the peanut butter with Nutella.put the ice cream in the blander with a little milk and the Nutella and just add the different ingredients until it taste right.

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    Liam 2017-05-27

    i kinda made a milk slush before... make large glass of chocolate milk as you would...and put in freezer for about 30 minutes... ive masshed up some nanas or strawberries and added them to it too before probably could if you squished all of the ingredients together in your hands. It might taste a little pulpy . . .