How to make a Peanut butter & Banana sandwich like Elvis liked them..?



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Elvis Presley Only liked them made a Certain way, I remember on a t.v. show I seen a few years back that they had to be grilled in butter (kinda like a grilled cheese sandwich) but not only the bread.. but the bananas as well, then the peanut butter added to the bread after all was grilled (?) Elvis'...

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    Ava 2017-07-02

    Any kind of raw veggies with a yogurt and dry dill dip - granola bars - cheese & crackers - bagels with cream cheese - natural chips - fruit cupscelery and peanut butter. apples and caramel sauce. yogurt with any fruit. granola. fruit salad. grilled pineapples. crackers and low-fat cheese spread or low-fat cream cheese. hummus and pita/veggies. carrots and low fat ranch.

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    Alexander 2017-06-01

    Now why would it matter when you eat a salad? No it won't upset your stomach...probably more enjoyable, digestible and balanced if you omit the cheese and have the salad with the sandwich and apple. alternate bites and textures for your tastebuds.

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    Caleb 2017-06-17

    Most fruits followed by Peanut butter. The fruit option is the healthiest option and peanut butter while high in fat content is unsaturated fat which is good for you.LOL sound like bad parenting.. The food they like STARTS with parents...

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    Aria 2017-06-04

    Homemade potato bread. YUM!for grilled cheese............I prefer plain ordinary white bread (sour dough, or raisin for toast )

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    Aubrey 2017-05-14

    "If you toast bread, prepare a sandwich and then put it in a container to bring for a lunch, will it go soggy or stay crisp?" yes, both the banana and Nutella will make the bread soggy. I suggest toasting the bread and keeping the banana and Nutella separate until you are ready to eat it.

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    Levi 2017-06-12

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