How to make a THICK Fruit punch For Halloween?



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I want to make a Thick punch to make it look like blood? How can I make it thick.

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    Elijah 2017-06-16

    vodkaEverclear... It will really get the party started! Or if u want something less potent and sweeter go with Citrus Vodka. Another fun idea- you could take the gummy spiders and worms and soak them in vodka/everclear for 5 days in the fridge!!

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    Gabriel 2017-06-06

    If you buy in a bar usually more Alcohol.Peaches

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    Michael 2017-05-27

    Combining a bunch of frozen fruit drinks are good, but add some real fruit to "lay" on the top like a banana or strawberries.

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    Ryan 2017-06-23

    yep, was good, punch with a kick!Love it! It kicks

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    Amelia 2017-06-05

    ss! Ginger-ale with fruit punch is good too.

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    Jacob 2017-07-16

    my favorites are the ones where you mix fruit juices with pop... try using a clear pop (like sprite or 7up) and mixing it with oj, or pomegranite juice, or something like that.. throw in some cherries or sliced fruit to add color =)clear bubbly sodas

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    Jayden 2017-05-09

    i would go with orange punch because the hand would be more visible and as far as a punch recipe just mix a bunch of orange/yellow juices toghether what ever you could afford common sense should tell you what will taste goodI love Chris W's recipe and idea...just make sure that the punch won't stain people's mouth's...expecially if you will still be working! This may be an unsightly sight that no one wants to witness! I think that this recipe (Chris W's) should be okay! Good luck and have fun!

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    Isabella 2017-06-23

    Pomegranate Juice will make a really dark red looking punch, or you could freeze into the hand. Just be aware that it is really tart so you'll need to adjust the sweetness.Root beer and orange soda mixed together is called Swamp Water and the hand could just be white like a skelton