How to make a awesome SANDWHICH?



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I bought some new sliced chicken pieces. (Like turkey slices but chicken). Every time I make my lunch it ends up looking like a mess. So how can I make a tastier SANDWHICH.

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    Madison 2017-06-19

    I heat the waffle iron with the waffle panels up, dip the bread in melted butter and slap it on the iron butter side to the iron, put cheese on it and dip another slice of bread on that butter side up and close it. Cook for about 2 minutes and remove to a plate to be sliced in half and served with soup. I did this accidentally once and the grand kids think it is a super souper idea and request it a lot!i like to take butter in a fry the inside of my sandwitch bread add cheese and more butter to pan and toast the outside of the sandwitch while the cheese melts can add pickles or tomatoes or both

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    Carter 2017-05-15

    ok so besides a grilled cheese try this Hot ham and cheese use land o lakes spreadable butter with canola american cheese and thin sliced ham spread butter on outside of bread and toast put one slice of cheese and a few slices of ham add the other buttered piece of bread and flip until it is toasted to your liking and enjoy just make sure not to burn your mouth. If you don'tt like hamdon'tt use it and its only a grilled cheese sandwichPut cheese between two slices of bread. On medium melt enough butter in skillet to coat bottom well. Add sandwich and slowly fry. Flip to second side (adding more butter if necessary) and fry to golden brown. Enjoy.

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    Evelyn 2017-07-18

    I love really rare roast beef w/avocado and sprouts(and plenty of mayo!).Anything you want! Some ideas are....Ham, turkey, salami, pastrami, mortadella, tuna, salmon, roast beef, cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives, peppers, onions, eggplants, avocado, mayonnaise, mustard, relish...and many more things! Hope I helped you out :)

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    Audrey 2017-06-09

    My favorite is: Light mayo, crispy bacon, tomato slices, and lettuce, on toasted bread. Enjoy! Andieturkery

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    Ryan 2017-05-13

    Cucumber, green pepper, red onion, tomato, lettuce, bacon bits!Here's a few options...add one or the other... -Thin slices of cucumbers -Alfalfa sprouts -Roma tomato slices -Thinly sliced red onions -Fresh spinach leaves -Shredded romaine lettuce (or a mix of micro greens) -Monterey jack cheese

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    Ava 2017-05-15

    If you're using Ranch dressing, then cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, and a little bacon... Sounds YUMMY!crisp iceberg lettuce, tomato and red onion

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    Benjamin 2017-06-27

    I have sons who aren't much good at cooking with skillet method so they take the easy way out. They toast the bread. Then after the bread is toasted they butter it. Next they layer the cheese in between the slices of bread and microwave it for about 45 seconds til cheese is melted.Butter two slices of bread on one side (or both if you really like butter and don't care about fat). Get a non-stick (easier) skillet going on medium heat. When it feels really warm to hold your hand a few inches from the surface, put in one slice of bread, butter side on the pan. Add to the bread either a slice of cheese or some grated cheese. Optional next step: take a few thin slices of something you like, such as pickles, onion, or tomato, leftover steak, and put it on the cheese. It helps if you have that pre-sliced, and the cheese in store bought slices/shreds, or pre-grated, if you're not very fast at doing that stuff. Cover with more grated cheese or another slice if you're using slices. Top with the other bread so that the butter side is facing up, and let it sit for a minute or two to get the cheese melting. By this point, the first slice is probably golden brown and delicious (should take a few minutes altogether). At this point, you're ready for the flip. The cheese has already melted a bit, lightly gluing the breads together. It helps if you sort of compress the sandwich a bit before flipping (push down on it with a spatula). Ease your spatula under it, bring the sandwich to vertical first, then flip over. Bringing to vertical first, keeping one edge on the pan at all times, allows you to maintain bread alignment and reduces the chance of filling slippage. You'll hear a sizzling sound as the butter on the other side hits the pan. That's good. Let it cook a few minutes. If the first side is browned to your liking, it'll take about the same amount on the other side, maybe a little less. When the second side is done, remove the sandwich from the pan. If the first side is too light for your taste, let the second side get as brown as you want, then flip the sandwich back to the first side to cook a little more. This time, you can skip the vertical step, everything's sufficiently glued together by cheesy goodness. When the sandwich is ready, remove from the pan, stick it on a plate, cut into halves or quarters. For ultimate tastiness, eat with tomato soup and pickles (even if you stuffed it with pickles. There are never too many pickles!). You can dip the sandwich, especially the crusty part, in the soup. It's really good.

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    Avery 2017-07-12

    Make a cheese sandwich (bread with cheese inside). I like to use two slices because the cheese isn't really big enough for the bread (have them overlap in the middle). Heat up your pan (medium high - if your stove goes to up to 8, this would be just under 7) and get a small slice of butter on there. When the butter is all bubbling and just about to brown, get your sandwich on there. With a spatula, you might want to give it a good press, so that you know the whole surface of the bread is cooking on that pan. While it's on there, get some more butter put it on top of the sandwich - if you can, get it to spread on the whole piece. Once it cooks for about two minutes, FLIP! Press and wait again and, now you're done. Cut diagonally, and serve with tomato soup. If you're feeling a bit cook worthy, you might want to try to sprinkle some dry basil on the cheese (before you cook of course - no dangerous kitchen stunts please), or maybe some thin tomato slices, maybe a couple ham slices too. hahaha, the people around me using wikipedia. HAHAHAHAHA. exactly the same answer. HAHAHA hmmmm... well they did, until the one below me changed sorry friend we are on the same boat i really don'tt know to cook or make foods. Am got no friends to recommends to you coz am out of the country right now.thankss