Vegetarian seeking "no death clause"?



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Since everything we eat had to die (except water and air)[and I'm open to anything else you add to that] so it could nourish our body, regardless of life form, isn't the big idea about love being an extension of one's self, or discipline, in order to improve the human condition and/or relationship with...

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    Lucy 2017-05-07

    It is a huge myth that we are evolved or descended from some wolf-like pre-human species that feasted exclusively on flesh. That has NEVER been concluded with ANY scientific evidence. Yes, we're onmivores and have been for eons. Meat is a good source of protein and our bodies REQUIRE small amounts of animal protein to run most efficiently. Still, the reason so many people want and EXPECT meat all the time is based more on status and class than anything else. It's the upper classes that have promoted this idea that it is desirable (or worse, "fashionable") to eat big slabs of meat at every meal. We are a species out-of-control, with our technology and our pollutants, etc., etc., and we know it. Most of our ancestors were "owned" as slaves, serfs, indentured servants, even wives (chattel) of other people, too. Does that make owning people ok today? We've evolved to understand the inter-connections of our world and our responsibilities in it. Current rates of meat production and consumption in the developed world are extremely hazardous to the health of our environment--and our bodies. Yes, this has been proven, you neo-con poo-pooers and nay-sayers, so shut it. Now, the vegans with their "don't eat honey because it came out of the bee's body" b.s. and this notion that an oyster is less vegetable-like than a Venus fly-trap (plant), etc., etc. is all minutiae that I'll let the pedants deal with. If meat is murder, than murder's the number one game on the planet at every level of existence, from whales to microbes, and I'd love to hear the vegan explain that one--especially after a big hit of weed. I try to eat vegetarian and vegan several times a week, but I'm not taking B-12 shots. The human body is SUPPOSED to get animal products in it now and then, whether it's insects or oysters or cheese or whale blubber, I don't care. That's how we're made--or how we've evolved, anyway. It's where we are NOW. We could certainly go about producing our meat a little more sensibly and kindly, and eat much less than we do, but that won't happen until we start putting the pressure on the meat producers and educating our children--both of which we haven't proven ourselves very good at.I suggest you watch one of the following: *Earthlings *Meet your meat *Diet for a new America Earthlings has been posted on YouTube if you want to watch it (WARNING: Very Graphic). Even the slaughter houses that claim to be the most humane, torture the animals. For instance, no animals are simply 'shot in the head.' It's too expensive for the companies. In many slaughter houses, the cheapest way is to hang the animals upside down and slit their throats. This is a slow and painful death for the animals, and most are still alive and conscious when they are sent for further slaughtering. The conditions where most of these animals spend their lives are crowded and dirty. In pig farms, the females are continuously giving birth due to artificial insemination. Lots of pigs are also killed inhumanely, like cows. Some have their throats slit, others are continuously beaten to death. NO companies treat their animals 'nicely.' They are treated as 'products' and are killed in the most cheap and inhumane ways possible. Hope this answers your question. Side note: The livestock that live on animal farms that claim they have a 'peaceful' lifestyle, are all slaughtered inhumanely.

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    Jack 2017-05-15

    I believe the hunter-gatherer means of survival was probably one of the more eco-friendly lifestyles we had. Since the industrial revolution, factory farming, profit, and greed permeated our culture, the manner in which we evolved and consume animals became heartless/immoral. I believe what damage we do to our environment, we do to ourselves. We can eat meat morally (I dont for health reasons), but we need to get away from our technological, profit view of animals to do it.There is no right or wrong answer to this. My take is that is that eating meat is not immoral but buying meat may be. It is important that the animals are raised and killed in a humane environment. If you buy meat from a dubious source then you are funding dubious practices. So it is important to think before purchasing. Perhaps one of the issues that some people have is they think it wrong to kill animals. If they are correct then, of course, the purchase of any slaughtered meat is wrong. the only meat that would be acceptable would be that from an animal that died of old age. I don't see this myself. I have kept lambs and taken them down to the abattoir. I have kept chickens and have killed and plucked them for the pot. I strongly suspect that the people who object are confusing animal with human emotions and completely overestimating the sentence and intelligence of animals. Animals do not have any concept of the future. Any fear they feel is immediate. They simply do not have the capacity to reason things out and look ahead. Perhaps the most telling argument for me came from a vegetarian couple who had a small holding. They kept goats for the milk. When a nanny kid was born she was raised to increase the milk producing herd. Billy kids, however, were taken to the vet to be humanely put to sleep. That in my opinion was one of the most hypocritical bits of nonsense that I have ever seen.

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    Ethan 2017-05-23

    Because plants don't scream when get killed. Plants don't bleed red blood. We couldn't relate to its own death so we think its ok.There is a religion called the Jaine's that much more closely resemble what you're talking about in terms of refusing to kill any form of life. They still eat by eating fruit. For example you take an apple from a tree and the tree still lives.

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    Gabriel 2017-05-05

    Vegan or not, it's life. Everything we eat in this world is a living creature, or comes from a living creature, we can't help for the fact we kill Innocent animals. It's part of nature and it's a natural thing. I think the same as you but thinking again, there's nothing we can do :/ Unless you want to die from starvation.The plants feel pain argument is faulty. Non-vegans cause more harm to plant life than vegan/vegetarians. You know that animals eat plants to survive, so just by eating plants you are actually saving plants because it takes many more kilos of plants to make one kilo of meat. This statement is often made by people trying to rationalise that since plants feel pain, it must be ok to kill animals. For plants to feel pain they must have some kind of organised tissue, upon stimulation would activate a structure in the plant that is conscious and could perceive the stimulation of pain. There are no structures within plants, they don't have a brain so pain cannot be perceived. Even if , contrary to all evidence, plants did feel pain, it would still be preferable to be vegan. More plants are in non-vegan diets, as more plants have to be harvested to feed livestock.

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    Audrey 2017-07-11

    like pigs being smarter than dogs, american eat pigs, but americans are dissguseted that koreans eat dogs (my husband once did this). it's a cultural thing. I'm an ethical vegan, but the biggest problem to me is not us eating them, its the way they are treated. I'm completly against leather, fur, and used experimantation though.All life is sacred, every creature has its own beauty & worth even if you or I can't recognize it. I try hard to minimize the amount of suffering I cause in the world & being veg is one way I do this. It reduces animal suffering (and most 'food' animals are treated horrendously from birth to slaughter), reduces the amount of plants that must be killed to fatten up those 'food' animals (it takes about 10 pounds of food for a cow to produce 1 pound of edible flesh) & frees up land, water & other resources. For me, it's not ok to poison ants, stomp on beetles, eat chickens (or any body else), or condone animal testing (you have probably noticed how often a medicine is recalled because it causes serious health problems in humans-- but animal testing had "proved" that the medicine was "safe"). I repectfully offer thanks for the delicious plant-based food that I comsume each day & am respectfully aware that some plants may have died so that I can live. However, many plant-based foods don't require the plant to be destroyed & I don't require that animals die for the sake of my appetite.

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    Ella 2017-06-05

    I agree.

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    Ella 2017-07-04

    I am glad you are passionate about this. I agree that it is a terrible way to treat animals. But I have to admit I could not go without meat. Its just the way of live. I to love animals. I am also a Christian and I beloved God put animals on earth so we could survive . I don't believe in harmfully killing an animal. But if you kill it to survive and to eat it its fine. Like how native Americans use to say a prayr after hunting an animal, they also use to thank the animal for its courage, and for providing food for the tribe. Its naturalyes. And about them being less intelligent, well animals might not be as smart as us at some things, but they're a lot smarter at us in ways we're not. Like facial recognition and memory, pattern perception etc plus physical abilities which we either don't have or can't match. And yeah, it seems clear to me that just like us, animals like to be happy, comfortable and content and have the same emotions that we do. Possibly even feel them more deeply.

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    Audrey 2017-07-17

    Actually they are here for food. This is a fact and not up for debate. Its just how nature works on this planet. Every single life-form on this planet exists at the expense of another life-form.Emma...i agree with you wholeheartedly...It is so sad to me that you have to deal with family members who do not respect the way you feel or see this matter...we all are the same animal...great and small...All =...?

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    Jacob 2017-07-18

    No, you answered your own question. It's an animal, not a human. It shouldn't be treated cruelly, but that doesn't include not being killed and eaten.I am wondering how the hell you starving yourself (even to death) is actually going to HELP any animals, stop whinging and sooking and join a group (PETA?) or donate money to an animal protection organisation!

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    Scarlett 2017-05-23

    then why dont you become a vegetarianokay.. so if your starving yourself, its obviously not the animals that need serious help. I care about the animals too, but thats not okay. Think of it this way, if you were an animal, you wouldnt be starving yourself to death. You dont see animals starving themselves for people in darfur.. Have your opinion but stay safe too. Peace!