What Happens When You Mix A Bunch of Alcohol? ?



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Will it make you get drunk faster? A mix of vodka, rum, whiskey, and kahlua (disgusting... I know.)

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    Lincoln 2017-06-02

    Honestly, your best bet is to actually stick to the classic rum and coke. Vodka works too I guess. The shot to coke ratio depends on a lot of things. First of all, how big are YOU or the person you are serving. If you have a 5'3" girl who has never drank in her life, you best use one shot, or even a half a shot. If you are 6'4" then you are safer using like 2. You will pretty much always taste the vodka, or at least the after taste. But its not as unpleasant as whisky or something. It doesn't have that cough medicine after taste.

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    Aria 2017-05-15

    Nope, not unless u take that same shot enough times to get alcohol poisoning. But in my own opinion, all of those alcohols mixed together will cast like crap. Try dropping a shot of that fireball into a glass of angry orchard to make a good apple cinnamon tasting drink.Mixing different liquors is the same as drinking them separately. You could have taken an individual shot of each and it would be the same. All you did was save some time and change the taste.

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    David 2017-06-12

    try stroh 80. it's an austrian liquor- i'm a fan.

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    Charlotte 2017-06-03

    I really like rum and coke or rum and pineapple juice. As for shots I stick with tequila mainly (Patron or Cazadores) Another good shot in Jager - two of those and I'm feelin' goooodRum and coke is a pretty solid standard. For lighter rums go with a fruity mix like a pina colada mix,daiquiri mix,etc. For darker rums use colas. For shots it depends on your taste really. If you want hair on your chest you go with whiskey,scotch,or bourbon. You should probably have bail money readily available with said liquors. If you want to time travel you should go with jager,vodka,tequila,or rum. You should probably have some form of birth control readily available with these said liquors. So it all really depends on how you want to end your night in the long end.

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    Caleb 2017-07-03

    Whiskey and Coke.the sugar is what causes hangovers. if you don't want a hangover, drink scotch (mmmm....) or whiskey, there is no sugar left in those drinks after the fermentation process to give you a hangover.

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    William 2017-06-12

    YES! I just discoverd "Roy Rogers" mmmmmmi love mixed drinks. vodka's & (coke, sprie, ginger ale, cranberry, tonic) i also love long islands. maybe its because you are sipping the drink that it gets to you. whereas the shot is just straight and down to the point!

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    Ryan 2017-06-07

    The tequila rose part sounds like it would make that cocktail nasty, but I don't think it's the mixing so much as the alcohol that makes you sick. There might be a certain kind of liquor you can't tolerate, but mixing them won't do anything -- that's an urban legend.In most cases what makes people sick is the total amount of alcohol consumed in a relatively short time. In your example, there are 9 shots of alcohol. That can be very irritating to the stomach.

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    Isabella 2017-07-14

    mite not taste goodThere's an old saying, never mix the grain & the grape! Just think what your drinks are made of and stick to that rule.