What I.D Do you need to purchase alchohol in the UK ?



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And what does the I.D Look like ? I need to get my i.d ?

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    Michael 2017-05-20

    Although there are differences between English, Scottish and Northern Irish law, the drinking laws are now more of less the same. Minimum age to drink in private - 5; minimum age to drink in public environment, with adults and with food - 16; minimum age to purchase alcohol - 18.18. Though you can have a small glass of wine at a restaurant at 16. But the pubs and shops are 18.

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    Lily 2017-06-17

    18 is the legal drinking age in Scotland. In shops/supermarkets there is a policy called think 21 or you can even get think 25 which just means that they can refuse to sell you alcohol if you look younger than 21 or 25 if you don't have ID.The UK age at which a person may buy and consume alcohol is 18. If the government want to change it to 21, then they have one big problem. If a soldier a sailor or an airman of 18 is old enough to die for their country, then they are old enough to drink the country's beer and wine and Scotch Whisky and etc. Old Soldier British Army age 15-24 *(1957-1965) been drinking ever since.

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    Amelia 2017-06-15

    I wouldn't see why it woldn't be illegal but I should let you know that I shipped alcohol across canada and it has never reached it's destination.... so be smart, buy insurance! At least you'll get ur money back if they never get it...Check Canada Post's website for restricted articles they will not ship, but one word of caution, the package are not treated gentley, and it could be broken in transit, if you were to ship anything a courier, which is more expensive is your best idea, plus your wanting it to arrive in a quick order. Again as it is for personal use, and if marked as a gift, it will not be subject to import or exsise taxes in Australia

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    Alexander 2017-05-11

    http://www.thedrinkshop.com/products/nlp...my boyfriend bought it in the fenwicks drinks bit

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    Ryan 2017-07-01

    It gets tricky. eBay will not let you sell liquor but will let you sell the bottle. A collectible bottle may be sold either empty or full.I have bought absinthe from a company in germany on the internet and it came through fine but they didnt label what was in the package. You would definatley need to assure you are only going to sell to people of age. Try listing it on ebay or ask them. what is it exactly I may be interested [im in brisbane}

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    Luke 2017-05-25

    call the manufacturers and ask where all there stockist shops are located xx