What Is BAR stands for?



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BAR means BAR( drinking place)

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    Ellie 2017-05-24


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    Madison 2017-06-04

    You need to be able to get a liquor license per the city/state it will be in. No license, No bar. You need that before anything else an happen.

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    Ella 2017-05-13

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    Sophia 2017-05-17

    probably not. u and the bar could get into serious trouble...but make sure the bar owners know how old u are, and let them make a choice from there...yea you need to get a license to be a server in a bar if your under 21 i think

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    Daniel 2017-06-15

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    Amelia 2017-06-21

    it is so worth it, my brother makes about $500 just from tips a night and that a lot of one for on e night!Absolutely!! This will give you an enormous hiring advantage over the unqualified competitor.You will also have an advantage over the EXPERIENCE ONLY tender. A mixologist can make tremendous money in the right environment. Some college grads actually switch careers.18 years old is probable, inquire to the liquor control board in your state or on the inet to be sure.

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    Lucy 2017-05-15

    A barmaid who actually serves drinkI prefer totally nude strip clubs on a Friday or Saturday night when the "A" crew is working. The weekday "B" crew is good for business meetings, as you don't get as distracted but can still have fun (and the "all you can eat" rib-eye steak lunch for $16 is a great deal).

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    Benjamin 2017-05-29

    one dollar is always a good tip!!I'm a bartender, and you should tip at least $1 but if you want to tip well, $2 to $3 will work to your advantage!

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    David 2017-07-13

    it depends if the water is a bad waiter tip them bad but if they are a good waiter tip them good!!$10 Bucks