What Is the Easiest way to make Home Alcohol Looking For Ether Potato Vodka Or Homemade Gin?



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Well My Grand Parent's Don't Drink So there No More Alcohol in the House And So Now I'm Looking For Easy Ways to Make Potato Vodka or Home Make Gin Since I Can't Just Go Out And Buy it.All Using the Regular Household Items.I Was a little Vague on my Last Post concerning the Subject And Spelling Flaws

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    Brooklyn 2017-06-28

    Never had gin before..... If you can drink vodka straight i'm sure you can drink gin straight. I think Strong alcohol usually tastes like rubbing alcohol or paint thinner. Vodka -rubbing alcohol. Rum- paint thinner.Depends on the type of gin as to what it will taste like, however they are all nasty. Rubbing alcohol is a good comparison. Also Tangeruay tastes like the smell of pine air freshener.

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    Zoey 2017-06-09

    tastes like rubbing alcohol. Don't get any ideas, it could kill you, but so will drinking straight alcohol over a period of time. I know someone who started at 15, now at 20 the Dr. tells him that he has a body like a 45 year old alcoholic, drinking from a bottle in a bag. He won't have much longer to live if he keeps that up. Started out as just teenager drinking, but now he can't stop. AA meetings don't do it for him, neither do therapists. Just thought I'd let you know u can become addicted, and that isn't funny anymoreI LOVE Gin, but I cannot drink it straight, add tonic and limes and it is delicious!!!

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    Joshua 2017-05-13

    potatoes and magicWell, you could get the alcohol from any fruit, really... go here http://www.physics.uq.edu.au/people/niem...

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    Addison 2017-05-07

    Orange Juice, Tonic water, Sprite, Pinapple juice, almost any type of Fruits, such as Strawberry, Grapes, and if you have a blender, you can make some awesome drinks!

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    Aria 2017-05-21

    you need to control the Vodka then you could drink beer!!!Some people don't like the taste of beer, it is somewhat of an acquired taste.

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    Wyatt 2017-05-07

    Drinksmixers.com or drunkdrinks.comStraight up screw driver. Vodka and Orange Juice, classy and delicious

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    Ava 2017-05-22