What Kind of Cigar!?! Newly Turned 18 Year old?



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I just turned 18 on Christmas and want to celebrate with my friend by hanging out and smoking a cigar. What are some brands that I could buy a single cigar with $20-30. I'm not to big on smoking and don't plan on being a chain smoker, but I want to try a larger diameter cigar. But something a little on the... ***single or two cigar's with $20-30***

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    Charlotte 2017-06-10

    There are many excellent cigars and there are many differing opinions on the subject also. Keep that in mind while you read this for there may be many opinions with merit. There are certain characteristics that define cigars and two of them are related to how the cigar tastes and the strength of the cigar in relation to the nicotine content. Some cigars will have more of a pronounced taste then others, such as the difference between light roast and dark roast coffees. Some will be stronger in their nicotine content similar to the difference between 50 proof liquor and 100 proof liquor. The Prendado that you mentioned, for example, is really an excellent cigar, but it is very bold in its flavor and very strong. If you are new to cigars and smoke that one first, there is a great chance you will be ill for a good while until you get it out of your system. I would recommend a lighter start and one of the most popular cigars for such is the Macanudo Gold Label, or the Macanudo Cafe if the Gold Label isn't available. There are differing sizes and that is up to you, but a shorter one might be better because that is less time to be exposed to nicotine essentially. Also, the Fonseca line of cigars are rather light in their potency and are okay to start off as the first smoke. If you feel that starting too light is not to your liking, I would try the Rocky Patel Connecticut or the Rocky Patel Edge Lite (not the regular Edge). Just remember, smoke them slowly, if they get too red or the lit end starts to look like a torpedo, you are smoking it too fast and too hot and it will begin to taste nasty no matter which cigar you have. So, just like earlier mentioning, everyone will have a different opinion and when someone says a cigar is good or bad doesn't mean it is the same for you.

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    Aiden 2017-05-30

    maybe on ebay you canI think you are allowed to buy accessories. Its not tobacco so I don't see any problems there and who's to say its not a gift! Good Luck!

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    Julian 2017-05-04

    one with Marijuana in it.i would suggest something mild like montecristo or romeo y julieta. If u need help liting the cigar or cutting it ask someone who works in the cigar shop they will be glad to help

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    Scarlett 2017-06-09

    If it is a good cigar(worth "re-moistening"), you can take them to a cigar shop and they can take care of that. Not sure of the cost, but prob not worth it if the cigar originally cost less than $20.You don't. That ship has sailed. and you do have a humidor. It's called a ziplock bag.

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    Skylar 2017-05-14

    a small cubanLooks Like you going to Cuba son :)

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    Hannah 2017-07-11

    try a flavored cheap cigar like a swisher sweet. They come in a variety of flavors and are allot less expensive to experiment with. All cigars taste better if you inhale them. Just be careful though you can cough up a lung if you take in to much of the smoke. I must say though at any age smoking is bad for you and you should just leave tobacco alone, it is for dopes like me. I smoked cigars for 30 years and now I drag around an oxygen bottle so I can still keep on breathing. Do yourself a favor and DON'T EVER GET ADDICTED TO THEM, PLEASE!Your best bet would be not to smoke. Smoking kills over 400,000 people every year. Yahoo! will never have a smoking section because they will not promote suicide

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    Lincoln 2017-06-25

    We can't tell without seeing them, but it's easy for you to find out. One end of the cigar will be 'open' - that is you'll be able to see the layers of tobacco leaves all wrapped around eachother. The other will either look similar to that - in which case you don't have to cut it - or it will be rounded off and you'll only see the outermost tobacco leaf. If the latter is the case, you need to cut it so that when you draw on the lit cigar the smoke will be able to go through from the tip and down out the other end at your mouth (think about it like it's a straw - both ends need to be open for it to work).It depends on what cigar you have. If it's A Cuban cigar you have to cut it. If you have a grape flavored swisher then you don't have to because they already cut It for you.

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    Logan 2017-05-31

    Im from USA so i dont know your budget in that type of currency but ill recommend some cigars anyway. Casa Magna Colorodo Rubusto (C/A Cigar of the Year...excellent, cheap, tasty, highly recommended) padrons, rocky patel, romeo y julieta ,macanudo, ashton, CAO Brazilia, illusione, montecristo, cuesta rey, la flor dominicana...there are many more but you can do well with this to startMy personal favorite is Montecristo No. 4 it goes for around $12 (us dollars) per cigar. That's about 8.45 pounds. Romeo y Julieta's were my first and still one of my favorites. Fonseca Cosacos are good. Guantanamera is mild and light bodied and great. Another one I use regularly is Jose L. Piedra.