What Light Beer actually has hearty taste like a regular Canadian Brew?



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I've had Blue LIght and Sleeman Clear, which are ok, but I'm looking for a light, lower calorie beer with some more taste. All American beers to me taste so watered down. Of course I haven't had them all, but a few of the larger ones. Coors light and Budweiser/Bud light have very little taste...

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    Lincoln 2017-05-19

    Corona, Alexander Keith's, Heineken!both suck, go import (even though Budweiser is now owned and made in germany...)

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    Scarlett 2017-07-17

    I tried to avoid both of them like the plague, very poor quality-both of them. bland with no taste, so that no one gets offended, but if I had to pick it would be a regular bud.bud light for sure

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    Skylar 2017-05-31

    Budweiser - okay Bud Light - watery Coors Light - more watery Heineken - skunky Samuel Adams - really good collection, well crafted Blue Moon - interesting collectionAren't you a little young? $tick to water children, you know like Aquafina, and not Buttwiper Light.

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    Nora 2017-06-14

    Miller is almost identical to Bud but a little smoother and quite a bit cheaper. I was in a taste contest and the only mistake I made was M & B.Tecate is somewhat like Budweiser

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    Zoe 2017-06-03

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Do you like Bud Light Platinum? Personally, I like Budweiser but I always buy Bud Light because that is what all my friends like. It tastes like a mix between Bud Light and Budweiser but I will say it is a little sweeter than Bud Light. The blue bottle is pretty cool looking, but what's inside the bottle is most important. My...

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    Skylar 2017-07-02

    Black Lager is good, but as a beer snob I pair my beer with my food. If you're over 21 then have a look on their website they have a really good pairing chart to help ppl outWait until November and try some of the drink of the gods known as Sam Adams Winter Lager.

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    Madison 2017-06-26

    bud light lime!Coors light definitly!! It tastes better and has less carbs and calories!!

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    Ava 2017-06-05

    My favorites are Sweet Water Blue, Yuengling, Shocktop, and Bud Light Golden Wheat. Least favorites are Pabst Blue Ribbon and Natural Ice.From your list I would have to go with Samuel Adams. Boston Lager is a very impressive beer on draft. I do order it it when I go to restaurants or clubs if they have it on-tap or draft, all the others on that list are pretty much crap. But for now, my overall favorite has to be Rogue: Dead Guy Ale. It's amazing beer, so full of flavor. Of course, this could change pretty quick because I try new beers all the time. I drink craft beer and they're usually quite a bit better than the ones you listed. A better Y/A question would be 'which one of these beers is the worst on my list'? I would have to take Corona. That skunky flavor is horrible and the fact that they pack it in clear bottles is really lame. UV light can penetrate those bottles and skunk the beer. I really can't decide if Corona is supposed to taste like that or if UV light is just destroying that beer. Never buy beer that's packed in clear bottles. Dos Equis and Heineken are pretty bad too. Green bottles are the 2nd worst bottle types.

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    Emma 2017-06-10

    I would shy away from mass produced "beer". That's like saying McDonalds is quality food. It will get you where you are going but that is all. Start with small craft breweries. It would help to know where you live since some of the best breweries are regional. Goose Island 312 is a great beer to start off with. Any Blonde from a craft brewery will be your starting point given the list you have provided but try all you can. Once you gain more knowledge of really good beer you will see what you have been missing. Rule of thumb on beer is, if you have seen a commercial for it, stay away!Look in your local telephone directory or business guide and find a "Craft" or Micro-brewery, they make exceptional beers full of flavour unlike the mass produced, manufactured swill that passes for beer in the US of A there are hundreds of them ..you should get out more !!!