What are some yummy, energising carb-free foods?



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I am trying to get over my carb addiction, and would like to lose some weight while I'm at it. What are some TASTY carb-free foods and snacks? I don't like veggie food like falafel or soy or tofu, but everything else pretty much goes. Suggestions?

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    Ellie 2017-05-06

    celery, thats no calories, its like salad, its all water, I hate celery alone, so eat it with peanut butter, it taste alot better. Crackers, just check which ones u buy, make sure theyre low in calories. Grapes are yummy to snack on, and any other fruit for that matter, Green Beans Are about the lowest calorie vegtables. they're great, they make u feel full fast. Yogurt. Cottage Cheese. Toast. (whole wheat bead or just try getting the lowest calorie type u can find) Basically, Just Go Through The Snack Sections at the grocery store and look how many calories stuff has, u can find some way low calorie stuff their, and some are even sweet stuff.=] HopE this helps u out. i need to find more low calorie snacks during the day too...lol...string cheese carrots and celery triscuits pickles

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    Elizabeth 2017-06-12

    what kind of food do you like? try seaweed? it tastes good and healthy too.

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    Avery 2017-05-29

    Try some pasta dishes centered around sea cucumber.