What are the 5 speeds (what do they do) on an electric hand mixer? Can anyone help?



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I needed an electric mixer and decided to buy a cheap one (since they all do the same thing). The problem is I'm not sure what speed does what. It's not written on the product or in the instruction manual. All it has is 1-5. It's been a long time since I've used one so I have no clue. Please help.... Ok. But what are they labeled. I know one is beat, and so on and so forth.

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    Avery 2017-06-07

    Because most people are not skilled enough to whip cream with a bull whip.

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    Victoria 2017-06-23

    In the end result? I doubt it.

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    Scarlett 2017-05-17

    Love my Kitchen Aid! Besides a mixer I can add attachments to it and it can slice things like potatoes or grinder for meat grinding. May be expensive but worth the money!from a retired chef, kitchen aid then viking and 3rd is cuisinart. ive had my kitchen aid for 20 years now and it still works awesome. kitchen aid mixers are made by the same company that manufactures hobart commercial stand mixers BTW

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    Lincoln 2017-05-13

    Personally I don''t like them. I also have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer which does 95% of what I need. I also have an immersion blender that does the other 5%. If you still have a Kitchenaid Stand, I recommend getting an immersion blender. They are more versatile than a hand mixer Something like this http://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-CSB-76BC...

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    Julian 2017-06-09

    Its the same only difference is the electric mixer does the job for you the other one you have to move it around your selfideekk ni whisk is for like creme making it into whipped creme

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    David 2017-05-15

    It depends what it is you are cooking. A food processor can mix dough. A blender can make purees. An immersion blender is great for soups. Before mixers we used whisks or wooden spoons.Do you mean a hand mixer? If that's the case then most things can just be done with a whisk and some elbow grease. If you mean a blender... then it depends on the dish. a little more info on what you are making would be helpful

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    Ava 2017-06-27

    KitchenAid. I have two in my house, one is new that I bought for my wife last year (I got the old one, I use it for the front attachment part. I grind my own meat for hamburger, and stuff my own sausage with fresh ingredients.) They are heavy duty with the strongest motor I've every seen in a mixer. She's a home baker, and we both make our own versions of breads ( i like sour dough, she's more traditional) I've taken my mixer (it was white) to a friend who works in the auto body biz, and for a pound of apple sausage, had him paint yellow and orange racing flames on it... (it looks sweet...well, I'm a guy. Its expected behavior) Go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond or http://www.bedbathbeyond.com and price out a KitchenAid. And use the 20% coupon that they mail out. If you don't have a coupon, speak to the store manager...I'm sure in this economy, they'll want to make you happy. It's well worth the investment, why get cheap one and replace it in a year? Now you've spent the money that could have gotten you a sweet one.

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    Ryan 2017-06-25

    Sure, but if what you're mixing is very thick, I find a regular table fork works better.Yes, yes you can. It just takes a little more time if you want to be more thorough.

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    Penelope 2017-07-06

    it takes a while but you can.. it would be easier if you stopped, put it in the fridge and went out and bought a hand mixer or an electric mixerHope this helps!