What are the BEST COOKING POTS? nonstick and also that look nice outside after a while?



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Hi can someone suggest what are the best cookng pots, i cook alot and am used to buying tfal pots but it seems like i go through a Tfal set every year... I dont like pots that get black in the outside and look old, that dont look liked baked on grease..are there any good non stick pots out there that look nice on...

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    Jayden 2017-05-31


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    Skylar 2017-05-13

    Look on amazon.com for calphalon pans. They sell the large pots individually and they have a lifetime warranty. They are wonderful pots! They sell the same pots in some of the department stores such as Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc but you can get them much cheaper at amazon.I buy my cookwear seperate and have found them at Walmart, Kmart, Khols, any department store or kitchen wares store.

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    Amelia 2017-05-31

    use a butter spray and cook with higher tempsFirst, they must be absolutely shiny, clean. Use a scouring pad in circular motions to make them as smooth as possible, then use Non-stick spray, but read the label, some oil sprays contain water and they will stick every time. Spray with canola or pour canola in the pan and warm it up before putting in the food. For flavor you can mix the canola with some olive oil or butter, but don't overheat or they will smoke and burn. For frying pancakes or eggs, the best choice is a teflon coated pan, use an oil spray and medium heat only.

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    Charlotte 2017-05-15

    We have a set of pots and pans called "Anolon". They are very good and completely stick free.

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    Amelia 2017-06-17

    I use the brand "T-Fal" and they are great, nothing sticks to themi have Rachael Ray pots, they're GREAT, nothing ever sticks to them and they are of pretty good proportion too!

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    Zoe 2017-07-10

    Best is to visit a good store. They usually have the best. Just check them out and then look for bargains of the same make. Also I picked good ones from Outlet Malls. Check Stores on line too. I 'd not buy too many Stainless Steel. Looks great. But not for real cooking. Tends to burn at bottom= the food I mean. See that the casseroles have heavy bottoms. They are great to cook in. I found these similar to what I use: (links are to look at. Best to check in a shop before buying) http://www.amazon.com/KitchenAid-Reserve... Oh and check to see that they can be machine washed. So cannot.I am far from a professional but I use Circulon and have found for the last 6 and a half years that these pans really really have held up. I don't put them in the dishwasher, I wash them all by hand, but they really have held up. I got more than a complete set when I got married in 2001 and still have every piece plus some more that I bought on sale. I have friends that have gone out and bought Circulon since they have seen how nice my pots and pans are. The good thing is they have even improved on them since I got mine in '01! You can check out www.Potsandpans.com for more detailed information on all kinds of cookware. I know Rachael Ray has a great line of pots and pans out now too! I have her cast iron dutch oven and I love that one too! Happy shopping!

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    Ethan 2017-06-27

    T-falI really like Calphalon. I've linked to a nice set on Amazon below

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    Julian 2017-06-23

    Scanpan, for sure. I actually wrote a paper about them in college. They a great non-stick pan and unlike many other non-stick pans, because they have a ceramic-titanium base, they do not release harmful PTFE's. If you're interested, go to this website. It tells you all about them and why they are different and better than your regular Teflon pans. They can get a bit pricey but they have a lifetime warranty.Try copper pots, they are expensive but looks great when hanged up of rails. but you must scrub the bottoms after cooking to remove all the black marks from the stovetop.

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    Alexander 2017-06-03

    T-Fal are also what I use and to keep the outside looking shiny you can use a brillo pad on the botom when you wash it. It has never hurt mine and they stil look newTry Pampered Chef. They are kinda expensive but they last a long time. The baking stone works great for cookies, pizza, and a lot of other things. I would highly recommend it to anyone.