What are the advantages and disadvantages of homemade stock?



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    Jack 2017-06-08

    I LIKE TO ENHANCE MY STOCK WITH KNORR BOULLION......OR MAYBE IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND. IN ANY CASE, IT REALLY TASTES GOOD AND IT WORKS FOR ME AND ALL THOSE WHO EAT HERE.The convenience of packaged stock is obvious. The health concerns and taste are what keep me making my own stock.

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    Jack 2017-06-29

    wefewfwAdvantages:- (1)you can enjoy the tastiest foods (2)you can build up your body (3) gives u a perfec t diet Disadvantages :- (1) increases the fats level in your body (2) killing inocent animals (3) costly than veg

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    Zoe 2017-07-11

    ooooooo vasu1- Dharm bhrisht honay kay chances. 2 eating gives more energy 3- It is test liver increases hemoglobin