What are the adverse effects on health of using aluminium utensils for cooking?



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    Jayden 2017-07-08

    lightweight, cheap, fast conductor of heatSo everyone dies horrible deaths from Alzhemiers.

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    Mia 2017-07-17

    Stainless steel is the best. There are many brands. All-Clad is probably the best (and most expensive) brand of cookware.there have never been any confirmed studies that any cookware causes cancer, but some of the old teflon pans had a coating that came off in the food and contained unhealthy toxins that certainly didn't do any good for your health.

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    Daniel 2017-05-07

    There is no problem if the vessel is made of pure aluminium.However do not use the vessel to cook some food s containing natural acids,Ex.Fish curry.We add tamarind into it.The acid will react on aluminium and form salt of aluminium.This may not be good for helth

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    Abigail 2017-05-27

    they're cheap, the metals shine up nicely, hey distribute heat well and there's no health risk with using these metals in eating/cooking ware. Although Aluminum might be causative of Alzheimer's to my knowledge there's no definite proofAluminium is light and copper is less reactive. This way, utensils don't rust easily or react with other chemical substances due to heat. At the same time, they are light and they look pretty enough to catch a discerning housewife's eye in the store...

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    Benjamin 2017-06-24

    all the utensils I see are steel, wood , plastic and siliconeThey both absorb and conduct heat very quickly. Hot flows to Cold. The pot or pan is move evenly heated not only on the bottom but the heat travels up the sides too, and is given up quickly to whats inside the pot.. Boil water in a nice shiny stainless steel pot over high heat and bottom has the bulk of the heat, and the boiling watter or oil bubble quickly start causing cavitation dulling the finish because that bottom heat doesn't spread anywhere nearly as fast. End results is the inside bottom of that shiny SS Pot is dull gray & rough after a while and then food stuff sticks.