Would you participate in an Anti-Valentine's Dinner?



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My boss is having an anti-valentine's day dinner at our restaurant. We're going to be catering to larger parties and serving dinner family style. How do you think something like that would go?

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    Victoria 2017-06-15

    pass, thank you, I can cook well enough for myself.price list plz?

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    Logan 2017-05-30

    Olive Garden pepes Texas roadhouseSupport you local restaurants, but there are hundreds of great eateries in the West Village in NYC.

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    Evelyn 2017-05-27

    lazy dog cafe,I absolutely love Olive Garden. It's the best. Texas Roadhouse also has some really good rolls and any kind of meat there is great. If you're looking for something a little more fancy, like for a nice date or something, I would suggest Sal and Judy's. If you really like sushi, I suggest Osaka. They can cook the food right in front of you there so you get dinner and a show. Bonus: sometimes they let you taste the food before the whole meal is cooked and they will try to throw the food in your mouth sometimes. It's a really fun experience for the whole family.