Would you pay $28 to $38 for a broiled )certified angus beef) steak at a hotel fine dining restaurant?



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You only get one side with it. I just got hired at a hotel restaurant and I thought they grilled their steaks, but they broil them. I was just wondering if anyone would pay that price for a steak.

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    Daniel 2017-05-11

    London Broil is an EXCELLENT cut if done right! First, you can't really think of it as a steak. If you just cut chunks off and eat it that way, it'll be tough as leather even if prepared well. First, marinate it (you choose the ingredients or marinade, I'm not going into that, it's all opinion/individual taste). I hope you aren't into well done beef, because that'll kill a London Broil. I personally won't cook one past medium, so if anyone is eatiing that likes their steak ruined/burned (i.e. past medium), I won't do a London Broil. Anyway, you need to cook it quickly over hot coals (or high setting if you use a gas grill). How long will depend on how thick it is and how done you want it. There are numerous on line guides for that sort of thing. Personally, I usually like one that's about 1 1/2" thick, and about 4 minutes per side, maybe 5 on one side. After you pull it off the grill, you MUST let the meat rest for about 5 minutes. When you slice it (yes, slice it, like a roast), cut across the grain, into thin slices. THAT'S how it becomes a nice tender juicy tasty cut of beef. As I always do, I'll suggest looking at http://www.allrecipes.com. I consider myself a pretty good cook, and I consult that site all the time for recipes and tips.My family loves London Broil. I marinade it in Adolf's Meat Marinade (2 packages) for several hours. Using a large fork poke holes in both sides of the meat. Prepare the marinade according to the package directions and place meat and marinade in a zip lock bag. I prepare the meat the night before I am fixing it for dinner the next evening. I then broil it in a cast iron pan, in the marinade, for about 8 minutes on each side (medium rare). Remove from marinade, place on your cutting board, cover with foil and let rest for at least 10 minutes. This allows the juices to go back into the meat so it will be juicy when you slice it. Slice on an angle in very thin slices. I serve this with saffron rice and green peas. The cooked marinade is now a delicious sauce you can serve over the meat and the rice. You can purchase London Broil at your local supermarket much cheaper than over the internet. The store butcher can help you with your selection. Good Luck!

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    Brooklyn 2017-05-13

    If you are budget concious, get the chuck steak which you cook low and slow with a sauce like mushroom soup. This will be ultra flavorful and cheaper than the London Broil. The cube steaks are good too but are more like a hamburger in consistency. Cook them with garlic salt, onion powder, black pepper and Worsteshire sauce in a pan with butter and oil. Or use any Chicken Fried Steak recipe found on-line. The London Broil is good cut of steak and can be marinated as you suggest. Cook it on the BBQ or under the (you guessed it) Broiler. Let rest for 15 minutes after cooking and slice it across the grain.hell no that's the worst steak ever don't waste your money and time. get the chuck or cube

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    Oliver 2017-07-13

    O'charleys. If you are feeding two people, you can get the take two meal for 12.99. That is two servings of meat.i dont know your location, but somebody said texas. there is only one of them and it's in ft worth. it's not all that expensive either but worth ever penny and it's called, "cattlemens steak house". gawd it's just the best!

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    Grace 2017-06-30

    I don't know if this place is in your area but, Texas Roadhouse has great steaks at a very reasonable priceSIZZLER

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    Olivia 2017-05-08

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Can you cook london broil on the george foreman grill?yes but i didnt like the taste... i have a indoor grill and it cooked so much better on it and tasted so good we really liked it. but if u cook it on george forman grill make sure u cook it all the way thru or some pieces will be over cookded and some really extremly rare...

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    Charlotte 2017-05-22

    I have never tried it but I would think that it would work as long as it is not super thick. Good luck!yes i do it all the time. it takes a lil whie for it not to be too rare. but it work good.

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    Nathan 2017-05-13

    i would say 12 minutes on each side than let sit for about 5 minutes

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    Levi 2017-06-06

    I wonder where Connor has met a bar cook. There are 50 states, 10 provinces and 3 territories, can you be a bit more specific as to where you are looking?